Friday, June 12, 2009

Pregnancy post

I have been a member of a wonderful online support group for over a year. It is a group of wonderful ladies who have been trying to conceive for 6+months or longer. I wanted to record my pregnancy announcement on there, so I will never forget it. Here it is!

I can't for a minute believe for a minute that this could actually be real. I
never really thought it would happen. It's just kind of been a month-to-month
"what do I do next" game for me. And yet, here I am. After 2 years and 3 months,
I can say I am pregnant. It makes me laugh just to type that. It's
UNBELIEVABLE!!! I honestly cannot believe it it happened. And I can't stop
saying that!

Well, because I drive in my job all day, I pay VERY close attention to everything going on in my body. B/c I have nothing else to do, LOL. My bbs have been hurting pretty badly since the last positive pregnancy test last month. (It was a chemical prgnancy) Then after that I was on on Follitism (hormone injections), which made them hurt, them Progesterone, then the positive pregnancy, so they haven't had a break. At 7DPO, I had strong AF type cramps during the day. on 10DPO, at 9-10am, had af cramps in the center. at 11:30am ,they stopped and felt like a there
was a balloon on something in my right side. Then,at 12:00, I had pain/soreness
in my lower back in the center. Which surely must have been implantation??

Things I did this month: I did injectibles for the first time this month-75ml of Follitism. I had a LOT of folliciles. I think I posted it up in the waiting to O section. I had ALOT and my lining was great - 13.2. When they did my Estradiol level, it was over 1000 on Friday night, which I think was good too. Also, I Oed about 5 days earlier than I normally do. I have never, ever Oed on CD 14. So, too many things of this cycle just made it feel right. If I did not get pregnant, I would have seriously thought something was wrong with me. Every night I took a baby aspirin, pre-nanal vitamin, 150mg of B6, my three herb pills from the acupuncturist, and evening primrose oil up until O. Also, I have been getting weekly acupuncture since January. Also, I ate a ton of watermelon before O, and lots of pineapple (skin and all!) after O.

If you are still reading this, WOW!! I'm so sorry, I ramble when I'm excited!!
My beta was done yesterday at 11DPO at it was 40!!! Soooo excited about that. And my progesterone was greater than 80. I go back in on Friday for Beta #2. YAY!!!


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