Friday, June 12, 2009


Well, Jake and I have had one surprise after another in the ultrasound room. When we went in at 5 weeks (first week of June), the u/s technician saw two sacs. Possible twins!! While it took us a few days to wrap our mind around it, we started to get excited. The chances of both sacs developing a heartbeat was about 53%, so I was fully prepared to only have one baby in there.

Well, imagine our surprise when we went in at 6 weeks. Baby A - measuring 6.2mm and 6w3d, and good strong heartbeat. Then they saw Baby B - measuring 5.2mm, 6w2d also good heartbeat. So excited!!!

Now, I know that we are still REALLY early, and that none of these babies will make it, but I feel our probability is up, up, up with one out of two!

Baby A

Baby B


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