Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We went for yet another ultrsound this morning. We have been quite spoiled with weekly ultrasounds. It is going to be quite a shock when someone tells us that "they'll see us in a month". We are special at the moment, and I like it that way :)

The fertility clinic has released us to our regular OB. (Well, actually my regular OB will probably just tell us to go see a high-risk Ob). That was sad today. I have been going to this clinic for a year now, and see them at least once a month. And here lately, I have been seeing them weekly. They are so sweet. It's sad for them because they have done all of this work for us, but don't get the glory work of a pregnancy and birth. They all gave us hugs and wished us well and told us to keep them updated.

My regular OB's nurse called me this afternoon and I talked to her for a long time about my pregnancy. It's funny, once you experience infertility, it is amazing how many women are secretly going through the same problems. This nurse has been trying for a baby with her husband for 2 years as well. So we talked a long time about everything she has done, different things she could do that I have learned along the way, and abotu how hard it is for her to work in an OB's office. I hope I get to stay with my regular OB, because she was great to talk to.

Anyway, that's it for now I guess. We are off to the beach and Atlanta for the Yankees/Braves game. IPlease keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we go through this journey.

Baby A

Baby B


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