Friday, August 21, 2009

Got the cribs!

Bratt Decor White Crib

Bratt Decor Crib
(it converts into a toddler bed later)

I got the cribs already - I can't believe it. This is soooo not Prater's Law*. They are white with an antique rubbed finish. I am very excited to have them, they will be beautiful.

I am BEYOND excited right now. Waaaaayyy before I was even pregnant, I would look at Craigslist for Bratt Decor cribs. (fabulous, fabulous cribs, and it might also be a little cool that it is the brand all the celebs use, tehe) I just love that brand, and would just always see what was out there.

Fast forward to the day before yesterday, when I decided to look on Nashville's just for fun to see what was on there. They had a FAB Bratt Decor white crib for $200 with mattress! This would easily be well over $800 in the store. The only thing it doesn't have is the conversion kit to a toddler bed, which is $180, which I am ok with. So, I decided to buy it. They are never on Craigslist that cheap. They are still like 400-500 bucks used. And I figured I had plenty of time to find another one like it.

Then the night before last, I decided just to look on Craigslists where my family lives just for giggles. (Knoxville, Atlanta, and Dallas) Freaking Knoxville had the EXACT same crib!! INCLUDING mattress AND conversion kit for only $250!!! That would be over $1000 retail. This never happens!! And trust me, I have been looking for Bratt Decor on Craigslists (multiple sites) for probably a year or so. And I have found two exactly the same, within a day of each other.

Are these people crazy? Do they know they could sell them for a lot more than 200?? Who cares! I am so happy!!! And is it bad that I am only 16 weeks and have my cribs, LOL??

*Prater's Law is alot like Murphy's Law, only worse. Instead of it being like you have saved up for a vacation, and your water heater goes out, Prater's Law is a coined term by us. It is when the poor Praters just can't catch a break. Nothing seems to work out the way we want it to. And it's usually the most random things.