Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nursery ponderings

Okay, so you all know I have already found the cribs. And now I am in bedding, bedding, bedding mode. I am not sure if its my nesting instinct kicking in, or my incessant need to have things done. (I mean, who knows, I can be on bed rest here in a few weeks, then what would happen?) Or, the fact that I love decorating, and can't wait to get started.

Actually, its probably a little bit of all of the above.

1. First things first. I LOVE my cribs. But someone is going to have to stop me from glazing and distressing them. Or should I? Because I am DYING to. Many pieces of furniture in my house have been distressed/glazed by me, and I love the look. But, I also love my cribs as is, too. The problem is that the two nurseries I have found online that I love both have glazed cribs. So, I need your help with this and what you think about the bedding, but we'll get to that in a minute.

2. Bedding. As with the cribs, I have been looking online at bedding for months and months, and have many, many websites saved into favorites. Then my fabulous conundrum happened (boy AND girl), and I have two beds to decorate. Here in lies the problem. I am NOT a themey, matchy-matchy girl. And my nursery will not be a themey matchy-matchy nursery. I want it very simple, very classic, very vintage french. Ok, so here are my favorite, favorite nurseries that I have kept coming back to that I love.

Toile Nursery

I think this is a beautiful bedding/crib that is shades of bronze beige, and a light aqua. If I do these materials, I would do the same for the girl and boy, but make the girl's crib bedding more girly - ruffles on top of the bumper, and satin bows in the same material as the skirt, and keep the full skirt look. For the boy's, I was going to keep the bumper like it is, no ruffles, no frills, and make the skirt more of a box pleat - more masculine. What do you think? I am thinking this material is feminine enough to go boy/girl.

French Nursery

Now with this one, I can do one of two things. Keep the bedding as-is. Which is cremes, very light blue satins, cotton and silk. But, because it's so light, I can maybe find a very very light blush pink to use as well. So do the light blue/cream, and the blush/cream. Or, I can keep them the same.

Of course, my all-time favorite nursery has been J. Lo's. I am in love with this look. But, I am now with a white crib, so I need SOME color.

So, what do you think? Yes, I do realize that they both look alot alike. I guess I am just wondering if I should do a blue/pink solid combo, or just stick with the toile. And, no, they aren't the same cribs: the toile crib was store bought, and the french one was diy. Also, what about the cribs? Stain or leave white? I'm sure the white would be just as pretty, so someone just needs to tell me no, LOL.


  1. Don't you dare do anything to those beautiful cribs. They are perfect just the way they are!

  2. Just discovering your blog. Very insightful as I begin my pregnancy. Can you PLEASE tell me how you glaze & distress furniture?? I'm dying for this look, like you have in some of the example nursery pics. Thanks!!

  3. Hey Leslie! Thanks for posting. Its SOOOO easy! Any paint store will sell glaze. You paint your piece of furniture first off. Next, I distress the sides. I take sandpaper (of an electric sander of you have one) and sand the edges, corners, drawer corners, etc to expose the wood underneath. Next is glazing. Get a good cloth (in fact, get lots). Paint the glaze section by section, then wipe off the excess. You will eventually learn the look you like - i.e. how dark the glaze you want. Sometimes I even keep a cup of water by, in case you want to wipe off more than that, it helps to get the cloth a little wet. Hope that helps!!