Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ultrasound appt at 16 weeks

Baby Boy Stribling

Baby Girl Stribling (alien face Stribs)
Doesn't she look just like Jake? - Ha!!

I am feeling oh so special. I love all the attention at the doctors office. Those poor women with only one baby. How could they stand not having an ultrasound every two weeks? I have a bi-monthly date to see my babies, and it is awesome. When I called to set it up this last time, I asked if I was also getting an ultrasound, and the lady was like, "Ummm, no, were you under the impression that you would always have one?", and I was like, "Ummmm, YES, are you kidding me? I want one every time!". Luckily (ha, ha) my ovaries are so wacko, that my doctor does want a ultrasound every time.

Next up is a super fun thing that goes along with pregnancy - the 24 hour urine test. Woohoo! This Sunday I have to carry a big gallon jug around with me, and collect a day's worth of peepee. They have to check a full day's worth to check protein levels. I just feel sorry for the poor person's whose job it is to do this.

Then at 19 weeks we get another big, long scan. They will then again measure everything on Baby girl and Baby boy: head, spine, kidneys, bladder, heart, etc, etc.

I will try to scan in pictures from today. They aren't very good :( Baby Boy was being a rock star for the camera and Baby girl was being camera shy. She finally faced us head on and looked like a weird alien baby. And I told Jake she is taking after his looks. Then I got to chuckling and couldn't stop and the ultrasound tech had to wait until I finished b/c the babies were going nuts, LOL.


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