Friday, September 11, 2009

20 week appointment (at 19.5 weeks)

I had my big 20-week ultrasound appointment on Wednesday- even though I was only 19 weeks and three days.

In the 20-week appointment, they do another anonomy scan. Meaning, they measure EVERYTHING, which is cool. I was in the ultrasound office for almost an hour. Jake couldn't be here for this one, which was terrible. He has a business luncheon come up the day before, and his boss was coming up, so he couldn't get out of it. I told him not to worry. They literally gave me a TON of pictures. In fact, the u/s tech said I wasn't allowed to look at them until after I left, because she could get in trouble for giving me so many, tehe. I told you I was special!! Mom was even amazed that I get ultrasounds every time. I mean, of COURSE I will! My next appt is in 4 weeks, though, which is a long time. And the next time I get to take the super glucose test, where you have to drink a bunch of yuck to see if I have gestational diabetes. Which, Lord I hope not, because Mama and the babies like their sugar.

Ovary updates - they are still huge and covered in cysts! Surprise, surprise! My left one is up near my ribs still, and the left one is now down next to my cervix. And actually, my doctor thought that was funny and/or lucky. Because with twins, the babies tend to get closer to the cervix, which causes early delivery, which we don't want. Well, that ovary is not letting anything through there - it's like its a barrier to my cervix, which is funny.

Everything looks great with both. Baby Boy Stribling in head down (way down) and his feet are under my right breast. Baby girl is still sideways, and hear head is basically where Baby Boy's feet are. I hope he doesn't kick her head. She was all over the place. She absolutely refused to cooperate, which took so long in the measurements. She also had the hiccups! That was really exciting to watch on the screen. It was just so cool!!! I can already tell she is going to be a handful. And where her placenta is located, I will be feeling her much more than the Baby Boy. Anyway, all looked find. They measured hands, arms, legs, spleen, spine, head, bladder, kidneys, etc. Baby Boy has a bit of a problem in the kidney area. He has some dilation in the tubes that go from the kidney to the bladder. It's very common in boy babies, and is basically a little urine back-up. It should resolve on its own before delivery. If not, they just give him an antibiotic when he's born. Here are pictures for you to enjoy!


  1. Ahh I loved my 20 week u/s hour -- you got some great pictures!! I'm jealous of your cute feet pic -- my Henry had his feet crossed up infront of him so we didn't get that one!