Monday, September 28, 2009

Baby Steps on the Nursery

No, not from babies, of course. But we did make "some" headway on the nursery. My mom came in town for the weekend and we got to work.

The nursery was formerly an office for an at-home business I once did. It was stationery and invitations, so the office/nursery was full of all kinds of stuff: computer, two printers, fax machine, two desks, tall file cabinet, and boxes of misc things like envelopes, old invitations, bags, shipping materials, etc. Needless to say it was a mess. And worse than that was that I cleaned out ALOT of it before I even became pregnant!

So, after we got it all cleaned out, we worked on the furniture. Mom took to the garage and proceeded to paint the chest of drawers and nightstand. She painted it antique white to match the cribs. We debated and debated on whether or not to buy new nursery furniture, or take the furniture from a guest bedroom and paint it (By the way, the furniture was a beautiful ivory and glzed withchocolate accents. Perfect, right? Except it was ivory, not antique white, so we had to paint it). I decided I would rather take the old furniture and paint it, then get nicer furniture for the guest bedroom. After all, we probably would use the nursery for THAT long, ya know?

So, while mom was painting, Jake and I tackled putting together the cribs. Really, husbands and wives should not at temp this chore together. It just isn't good, LOL. And, we also came to the realization that its not fair that we have to put TWO together. One is bad enough. I am still not understanding why they have to make the thing so dang difficult to put together! Not that I am complaining of the twins, mind you!!
So, here is the nursery with some stuff in it, then empty and then with the cribs put together. We need to bring the furniture upstairs, but I am deciding if I want to glaze it or not. My mom is VERY much against it, but I just love the look - I can't help it. So, I am still making that decision. But, we do have the cribs in place. Now, all we need is the bedding to be made, paint to be on the walls, rug to buy, changing table to buy, and glider to buy. Now, the REALLY fun part is going to see how all of this will fit in this room. See why I said baby steps???

Office/Nursery (we have already cleaned some of it out by this point)

Cleaned out! (Also, the nursery really isn't THAT small, its just that it has weird angles and its hard to get a complete picture of the whole room, and I have a crappy camera that won't zoom out much - I tried...)

The cribs put together! We may decide to put them both against the wall instead of on each side of the window depending on space, but I hope we get to keep them like this.

One of the cribs close up


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