Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fatty at the wedding

Well, I survived the wedding weekend. I didn't have to lift anything, which was super-duper. I did do all the boutonnieres and helped with the bouquets, and other things here and there. And the clean-up afterwards - yikes. The babies had a fab time.

I did not wear the "tent" dress. Whole separate story there. Went to my oh so fabulous seamstress to pick it up on Friday and she started crying and told me it wasn't done. THE DAY BEFORE THE WEDDING. I could have killed her. My friend Larissa's mom did the best she could, but it was just an ugly dress. Everyone thought instead I should wear my back-up from JC Penney's, which I did - and it was knit - even better :)

Here are some pics of Fatty at the Wedding: (its easier to do a slide show when there are so many pictures)


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