Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, today is the big day. No not the "delivery" big day, just the other much less-important one. I am officially 30ish this year. Happy Birthday to me! I am normally one of those "I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!" people. On any given birthday, I may tell numerous strangers about my special day. But not this year. This year I finally have my birthday wish that I have been wishing for for long time. (Plus not to mention I am now in my thirties, so honestly, whats to celebrate there??)

But I am happy. And I do want to celebrate. I finally have my birthday wish. Thank you to my husband for giving me the best gift I could have ever imagined or asked for. The twins are the best, most wonderful present in the whole wide world. I cannot wait to meet them.


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