Monday, September 28, 2009

Rug for the nursery

This is the rug I am looking at for the nursery. It is from my favorite store, Ballard Designs. I soooo wish they would make nursery furniture, because I would probably buy everything they sold. And, ahem, MOM, I'm sure it would be either glazed or distressed (LOL). Anyway, I am going for a French-type look in the nursery - lots of ivorys and taupes - very light and airy. So, this rug I found at Ballard Designs is really cute.

From Ballard Designs: The elegant poem rug design was created with words from famed 17th century French fabulist, Jean de La Fontaine. La Cigale et La Fourmi tells the story of an industrious ant, a carefree cricket and the end of summer. Inspired by the fables of Aesop, La Fontaine wrote volumes of simple poems using animals to teach real-life lessons.

I like it because 1. its in French, and 2. Its a children's fable - perfect for the nursery! And, its funny, because I really know this story too. It was done in Disney and I have watched it a thousand time. Except Disney's version had a grasshopper instead of a cricket.

Disney's version (the Grasshopper was voiced by Goofy)

Here is the rug translated:

La Cigale et La Fourmi(The Cricket and The Ant)
The cricket, having sung all summer long,
found her foods too few when the north wind blew
Nowhere could she spy a single morsel - worm or fly.
She thought her neighbor, the ant, might help;
and begged her for a bit of grain till summer came back again.
"By next harvest, I'll repay interest and principal both,"
she swore on the animal's oath.
Now, the ant may admit to a fault or two,
But lending is not something she will ever do.
So she asked, "What did you do when the weather was warm?"
"By night and day, to all who came, I sang at every chance."
"You sang, did you? How very nice. Now go and dance."

So, what do you think? Do you like it/hate it? It is too themey? Just I just go with a solid color? I am up in the air about it. Right now I love it, but I wonder if I would hate it over time. Jake's on the fence too.


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