Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Update on the Baby Name Poll

Hmmm, so far there are about 33 votes, and it looks like Jackson is ranking #1 for the boys, and its a tie between Jillian and Julia for the girls. (and poor old Jilena hasn't gotten a single one. That one was a family name, so I'm not completely sold on it, but was wondering what people thought...apparently not very high on the list for some of you)

What about Jocelyn? Why isn't anyone voting for that one? Its my favorite so far, so I am perplexed. Although, I know my sister reads this one alot, so she may be padding the numbers each time she comes on here. Hmmm...

Also, another thought was calling the boy Joshua. What do you think of that? My MIL, Vicki, had a dream the other night about the twins, and they were named Jocelyn and Joshua in her dream :)


  1. I really like Jocelyn and Joshua. Those would be my top two out of the choices.

    My name is Jac - I'm a random lurker but I've been stalking the TTCYFC-6 month plus board for a couple of years and I love seeing the long-term TTCers graduating! I just graduated myself after over 2 years and am nearly 16 weeks.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!

  2. For the record, I have only voted once. OK twice. I swear.