Monday, October 19, 2009

Misc. Updates

There are a few updates this week, but I didn't really want to break them all into separate posts. So here goes:

We did it. We went and visited our very first daycare. And it wasn't so bad. Pretty good actually. We are trying to stay in the Green Hills area, as that is where Jake works. A new house might be on the horizon. Not soon, but sometime. And we would like to stick on one spot because we have no idea where we might be. So, since Jake works in Green Hills, we thought that would be a good first step. We went to Calvary Methodist. It came highly recommended for a co-worker of Jake's. And I think I really like the church-aspect of it. It just sounds safer (although, what do I have to compare it to, LOL? I have only been to this one)

They accept kids at 6 weeks and go up to age 5. You would think this is pretty standard, but no! SO MANY of them are very specific about what ages they will allow, and its hard to find places that accept newborns. Another reason I liked this daycare is that the standard hours are from 9-2:30 and that is a set price. If you want, you can pay extra for beforecare from 7:30-9, or aftercare from 2:30-5:30. AND, this is flexible, so you can choose which days of the week you want to do that. Most church daycares also don't do the before and after, so you only have the 9-2 option, or you have to do to a daycare center, which is usually 6-6. It makes it MUCH cheaper to go this route. (which is a BIG factor when talking about twins!) We will definitely have to do the beforecare every day, but there will be many days where I can make it there by 2:30 with my job. Not every day, but some days. And they also have a part-time schedule as well, so we are hopefully going to get to do that in the summer. Oh, and the classrooms were great. They get a new class about every 3-6 months. They have three playgrounds too, and lots of activities. It's more like a "school" which we liked.

Now, the downside you ask?? Well, the wait list already has 53 kids on it. And that is a big bummer. But, we do have friends that attend this church, and they said they would help us. Plus, there are tons of families that want only full-time. And the director said that since we are hoping to get into the summer program as part-time, we have a really good chance of getting in, therefore making our chances really good in the fall, since we are already enrolled.

Secondly, we attended our first class! Used to be, on your typical Friday night, we were out at a bar, having some beers. Now, we are at Baptist hospital from 6:30-9:30 learning all the joys of having multiple babies. There were about 10-15 couples in the class. It was really very good for us to go. They had a mom of 6-year old twin girls speak to us for a while and we did a big Q&A section. We talked about birth, what to expect the first year, how to handle it, and how not to kill yourself. :) Also, just general stuff, like what she couldn't live without, what worked for her, etc.

To Jake's delight (notice the sarcasm) we also got to watch birthing videos! We watched twins being born vaginally, and via c-section. Wow, is all I can say. There is definitely a reason they put that big blue sheet up during a c-section. I really don't think you are supposed to see what happens down there.

We also toured the NICU at Baptist. This was by far the hardest. I guess most moms of singletons don't really have to worry about this. I mean, they do, but with twins its a very real possibility that my babies could end up here, as most twins do. Those poor babies. It was so hard to see. There were two in there that weighed exactly what mine do now. 1 lb, 6 oz. They were TINY. And there was another one that weighed 12 oz- 12 oz!!!! Its little legs were as big as my finger. It was so scary. It made me so determined to do whatever necessary to keep these babies in as long as I possibly can. Please pray that it happens!!


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