Friday, October 30, 2009

Ultrasound appointment, week 26

We had yet another ultrasound this week! I get so excited when ultrasound week starts. On Sundays, you will hear me say, "YAY! It's BABY WEEK!", then "YAY! IT'S BABY DAY!" on my appointment day. I get so excited. If I could get an ultrasound every day, that would be great. I don't know what I would do if I was just carrying a singleton and could only go every few months. I would go nuts!!

Anyway, babies are doing great!! Baby Girl Stribling is measuring just behind her brother, weighing just at 2 pounds. The u/s tech asked if any of us have long fingers (when she saw hers), and I sadly said that nothing on me is long, so I guess she is taking after Jake in that arena. I don't really remember the heart rate exactly, but hers was in the high 150's (I wish I could remember them both each time, but I just can't! Maybe I'll instruct Jake to write them down next time) Baby Boy was measuring a little heavier, at 2 pounds, 3 oz. He is a few days ahead of 26w3d, (26w6d) and she was a few days behind (26w). I am so excited to hit the 2 pound mark. It just sounds so much heavier, since we saw all those poor 1 pound babies at the Baptist NICU. His heart rate was in the 140's. Positionally, they are still weird. She is diagonal with her head up in my ribcage and her feet on my left side. Baby Boy is horizontally still withCheck Spelling his head on my right, his legs on my left. He moves up and down, though, and they are sometimes head-to-head. They also measured the kidneys, arm and leg bones, and heads. They are both doing great and measuring really, really well.

I am doing good as well. Still an excellent appointment for me. Nothing bad going on. My cervix has shrunk a little, but it's still good and long, so that's good. Both placentas are nowhere near my cervix too, which is good. Ovaries are still out of control, but oh well. The tech always does a vaginal u/s to measure my cervix and check out my ovaries at each appointment. She saw the left one immediately, as it looks like Antarctica over my cervix, and she dug around until finally I was like "OW!". She said she was looking for my right ovary, and I said, "Oh, you won't find it down there, its up next to my ribs, you just should have asked." I also had to take another glucose test to check for Gestational Diabetes, so hopefully that will come back looking good again. We go back in two weeks! YAY!

Pictures are below in another slideshow, since they are so many(thank goodness we had a different u/s tech this time!)


  1. oh, sweet babies! So glad everyone is doing well. Momma included! Hugs!

  2. Glad everything is going well! Hope you get nothing but GOOD news about your GD test. ;)