Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ultrasound appointment

Well, here we are at 23.5 weeks, so I went in for my 24-week appointment. I really wish I had pictures to show you, but Jake and I had the worst u/s tech possible. She is awful. This is our second time having her. The first time, she gave me something in-between the size of a handtowel and washcloth to cover up with 'down there'. And that was fun since Jake was on 'that' end. Her printer was also out of paper and she couldn't figure out how to change it. So, no pictures that time either. She is a ditz.

This time, I had to tell her at least three times which one was Baby A (boy) and Baby B (girl) - she kept getting them mixed up and I had to tell her which side of my stomach which one was on. I also had to tell her what she needed to look for and measure for. Then she just said, "well, as long as we match up the correct measurements for each we should be ok". Ummmm, are ya kidding me?? Oh, and guess what? Her printer was jammed. She said she would save them to her harddrive and have them for me at my next appt. Well - guess what!! I don't want them then, b/c I will have NEW pictures.

Ugggg, on to the good stuff. Babies are measuring right on target, at 23weeks, 3days. They each weigh 1lb 6oz. The boy is now transverse, which means he is lying horizontally down at the bottom of my uterus. This is nuts, because he was head down on my right side forever. These babies are moving around like crazy! The girl in now diagonally breech, going up into my ribs. So, as of now, it's looking like a C-section is definitely in my future.

My ovaries are still in crazy-land. Guess where they are now? Well, my LEFT ovary is HUGE and on my right side way down below and almost covering my cervix. My RIGHT ovary is also huge and up on my right side close to my ribs. Seriously. How weird is this? I also had to do my glucose screening test today to see if I have symptoms of gestational diabetes, which is common with twins. I had to drink this nasty sugar syrup and then give blood. The good news is that I have to do this again in three weeks (sarcasm, by the way).

My weight is great, awesome actually. The guidelines say you are supposed to be 24lbs at 24 weeks, and I am about 16lbs so far. Normally, that would cause some worry, but both babies are growing great, so no problems there (and the added benefit of no cankles!)

My doctor measured me for the first time, and said I was measuring at 32 weeks for a single pregnancy (and I'm 23.5 weeks, mind you). She thinks this is quite funny. She said its gets even funnier when I am measuring 50 weeks, which I might be 34 or so with twins. She also said that next week we will be at our "safe week", meaning that if by chance we have to deliver (oh please, please God no - lets go to 36 weeks instead) that they had a good chance of survival.

Thats all for now! I go back on October 28th.


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