Monday, November 23, 2009

30 Week Ultrasound appointment

Well, I guess we are now considered on the fast track. It has been about 2.5 weeks since our last appointment, and now we are at the "go every week" point, which is crazy scary. That means soon we will be having babies!!

The appointment went GREAT. I am amazed at how good I am doing. I never in a million years thought I would do so well. And as it turns out, my crazy large ovaries are actually a GOOD thing! Because my left ovary is really big and low down on my abdomen, it is actually pushing my cervix closed. How cool is that? (For those who don't know, when your cervix starts getting thin, short, or open, thats when the bad things happen: pre-term labor, early delivery, etc, especially with twins. Gravity is against you there, and two babies put alot of weight on it, causing it to possibly open).

The babies are doing wonderful. Baby Boy has sped ahead. He weighs 3lb, 8oz. He is measuring very well ahead of where he should be. Baby Girl is doing great too, she is right on target measuring 3lb, 1oz. She kept yawning during the ultrasound, which was beyond cute. Our tech pointed out her fuzz around her head, which was hair! She also said that she thought they didn't look alike, which I was pretty excited about. Not that I don't want them to look alike, but I also want them to not look like mirror images of each other. They are now parllell to each other, kind of diagnol. Both are head down, but Baby Girl is stacked right on top on Baby Boy.

Oh, and the BIG news - we have a delivery date!! Now, I know that this, of course, may not happen. After all, the babies will come whenever they want to. Buuutttt, since my doctor thinks we'll go full-term (for twins anyway) she wanted to go ahead and set and date and book the operating room for our c-section. So, here we go!!! It will be:

Friday, January 8th at 8:00 am
How exciting is that??? Its honestly unbelieveable. It seems like tomorrow. Whew...
Our next appointment is next Wednesday, and we will go every week thereafter until delivery!
Pics are below :)


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