Sunday, December 6, 2009

31 week ultrasound appointment

These updates might get boring from here on out, as we are now going weekly. But, we had another good ultrasound appointment! Jake couldn't go to this one b/c he had a work thing, so I went solo. Babies were being busy as ever. They didn't get weighed, because they only do that about every two weeks or so. The kidney issue that I talked about months ago with the boy is looking very good, to the fact that it has basically cleared up all by itself, which is great news. They are now checking the umbilical cord at every appointment too, to make sure there is blood flow through every section, and that is all fine too.

The only "problem" right now is my lovely cervix. Its not a "problem" per se, but just something a little worrisome. Before this week, my cervix could have won the award for Longest Closed Cervix in the World. Which I was happy to accept. It was well above average. Well, this week, it has shortened dramatically in a week's period. Its still not bad at all, in fact it is still very, very normal. My doctor was just worried about the quickness of the shortening. So, I go back on Monday and we'll see it again!
Oh, and riddle me this: they have moved AGAIN. Why can't they stay in the same spot? It has been only a week! Baby Boy is still the same, head down, on my right side. Baby girl has now completely flopped: her head in now on my left side, horizontal across me, with her feet on my left side. (remember last week, she was also head down, next to the boy, with her head on my right side). CRAZY!

The pictures aren't really great this week either. Baby Boy was being completely camera shy, so we only got a good peek of his spine. But Baby Girl was her usual ham self.

Baby Boy, nice picture, huh.

Baby Girl. The perfect profile shot.


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