Friday, December 11, 2009

32 Weeks - Update on Me!

Woohoo!! Another Milestone! 32 Weeks is CRAZY! And many-a-twin are born at 32 weeks, and perfectly healthy, so I am muy excited. Of course, we don't want to have them yet, but it's reassuring to know that if we do, hopefully all will be well. The next biggie milestone is 34 weeks. And as long as things are going the way we are now, we are golden!

We have found a pediatrician. Very excited about that. We are going to use Dr. Leeper out of the Brentwood Children's Clinic. he has been recommended by three different people, so I feel pretty good about him. I am going to meet with him on the 23rd.

Okay, so I sent an email to our "all eggs in one basket" daycare to check where we were on the waiting list and to let them know we are still very interested. Well, I have YET to hear back from them, and that makes me quite the Nervous Nelly. So, everyone keep your fingers crossed!

We have "officially" graduated from our birthing classes! We got a certificate and everything and got to go up in front of class and everyone applauded like we were head of the class. (Well, in fairness, EVERYONE got certificates and got applause, but who cares).

Names are still no better. It is just going to be a game-time decision I believe. Maybe I will get a sympathy vote for having major abdominal surgery and get to pick my favorite, but I am still thinking thats not going to happen easily.

The nursery is almost 100%. I will post pictures as soon as I get the crib bumpers, b/c I want everything perfect before I debut it to the world. So, please be patient por favor. (don't know what my deal is with Spanish today)

How far along? 32 weeks, 5 days
Total weight gain/loss: Uggg, I swear, I still look cute from the front. However, water retention has set in and I could just sit by a trough all day and graze. But, I am still very much on target at +34 pounds, and still haven't caught up to Jake's weight yet. Whew.
Maternity clothes? No, I am done. Surely I can survive a few more weeks.
Best moment this week: We had another great ultrasound on Monday. Everything is back to normal and I got "perfects" across the board. And this week, I realized that I have four more workdays left of work, then its off for Christmas, then off for babies! Woohoo!
Movement: They are "kind of" moving like crazy. And what I mean by that is now when they move, I feel like I can't move. They are obviously getting bigger and don't have a bunch of room. When Baby Boy moves, I feel like I have a watermelon attached to my girl parts, and when Baby Girl moves, I feel like I'm having a small heart attack b/c I can't breathe and she goes up in my ribs. Good Times.
Waist Diameter: Almost 44 inches. I am also measuring at 42 weeks for a single pregnancy. People stop me now all the time and say, "WOW! You're about to pop! Due any day huh?" Then I say, "No, about a month or so, I'm due with twins". then they say, "Oh, well, you're TINY for twins!". WTF? Make up your mind!
Food cravings: Still onto the chicken quite a bit. But, now I can also eat lots of ice cream. And I do mean ALOT of ice cream. I know I am allowed to, but this is getting ridiculous the amount I can hold in my belly.
Gender: Baby Stribs are a boy and girl. No extra parts.
Labor Signs: Cervix is nice, long,and normal thanks to my huge ovaries. Thanks ovaries.
Belly Button in or out? We are still in outie-ville.
What I miss: Sleep used to be nice. And clothing that fit. And when my skin didn't feel like I wanted to rip it off. But its all worth it!! We are getting babies soon!!!
What I am looking forward to: Monday's ultrasound. We get to find out the weight and do another growth scan. I am DYING for this. The previous ultrasounds have been so boring, and not telling me what I want to know. But, they will only do the growth things every few weeks.
Milestones: I'm there this week! 32 weeks baby!!
Realization of the week: They could come. Now. Anytime. Tomorrow. Next week. Next two weeks. AAAAHHHHH!!!!


  1. The ice cream cravings haven't stopped for me yet!!