Thursday, December 17, 2009

33 Week ultrasound appointment

Woohoo! Another perfect report. I honestly cannot believe this. This could either mean one of two things:

1. Because we tried to get pregnant for so long, God is being very, very
good to us and letting us have a very healthy pregnancy and babies...or

2. Because I have had a very healthy perfect pregnancy, my babies will be
little devils and colicy and acid-refluxy and refuse to sleep and keep us up all

I wonder which it will be? Hopefully #1. Everything at the moment though is looking great. Baby Boy is still is the same position: head down, in the center. Baby Girl, however, has decided to move AGAIN. I swear, is no wonder she weighs less that Baby Boy. She is doing aerobics in there! She has completely flipped around AGAIN, as her head was on my left side, feet on the right. Now, her head in on my right side, feet and legs on the left. Her head is more down now, too, so she is more "head down", or diagonal again. I honestly don't know how she has the room to keep doing this.

My cervix is now longer than it has been on my past two appointments. (at our 32 week appointment, which I didn't post about, it was fine. Longer than at my 31 week one) Well, now at 33 weeks, its even longer. My doctor has been joking that most babies are ready to start coming out and that is why cervixes shorten. My babies, however, apparently love it in my belly, so they are moving UP instead of down. LOL. Fine by me!

Now on to the good part- their weight! Baby Boy is weighing now almost 5 pounds: 4lb,15oz. Baby Girl is a little behind him, at 4lb, 6oz. She is actually right on target. He is ahead of schedule. I can't believe they weigh so much. Jake and I both thought they would weigh 4.5 pounds at delivery - and they are both that and beyond, and I still have (hopefully) three more weeks!

We go back on Wednesday (the 23rd).


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