Thursday, December 31, 2009

35 week ultrasound appt

We have made it to 35 weeks! Woohoo! Everyone at the doctor's office today was just bragging on me. everyone is amazed at how well I (and the babies) are doing. They can't believe I have 1. made it this far, and 2. still getting around great with no bedrest! Everything looks picture perfect.

Their fluid is great, they are both head down, their movement is great, breathing is great, blood pressure is great, their blood flow is great, etc, etc, etc. We couldn't have asked for better news. My doctor is just amazed! Poor Jake was a little shell shocked today. He wasn't near as excited as I was. I think it has hit him how soon they will be here :)

We are officially in the final stretch. We are 1% dilated and 70% effaced. I have no idea what that means, but I know it's labor-talk. I tried googling about it, and basically it just means its the beginning of labor. They could come in the next couple of days, or couple of weeks, depending on how fast it progresses. So, hopefully, we are still set on January 8th, and that they make it that far. I would rather just go in for that instead of guess about labor. I just now figured out what a contraction is last week, and realized I have been having them now for the past couple of months! Wish us luck and keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

The Baby J's are gonna be here soon!


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