Wednesday, January 27, 2010



  1. Mandy they are both so adorable!! I love coming and seeing the new photos. =) I'm glad they are both doing so well!

  2. Hey Mandy!
    I am a good friend of Polly Perkins and she told me about your blog. I am 32 weeks pregnant with girl/boy twins, too! I have had a blast reading your blog, and it has been so helpful! I can definitely relate to many of your posts. I am actually on strict bedrest bc when we went in for my 29 wk appt, my blood pressure was very high(and mine is usually very low) and I had signs of pre-eclampsia. I was put in the hospital for a few days, and then came home to bedrest! I am quite the busy body, so this has been so hard for me feeling helpless and so dependent. Things are going really well, and I no longer have any signs of the pre-eclampsia and my bp is normal! So, bedreset is doing its job. I am amazed and jealous at how far you made it and never had to be on bedrest. Just thought I would tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Your babies are precious. One other question, where did you get the little mats with bumpers on the side to keep the babies from rolling? My mom and I had looked a lot online for them, but yours are cuter than any we have seen. I hope their little tummys get better soon. That is great they are doing so well with their weight:)~Margaret

  3. Hey Margaret!! Thanks for stopping by and reading! I got the sleep positioners from Target. They are like $14.99 I think. Thanks for reading - I love blogging - its so much fun! Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy!