Friday, January 15, 2010

Our first outing!

We made our first trip outside on Thursday to our pediatrician. The babies are doing fabulously well. Josh weighed 5lb2.5oz, and Jules weighed 4lb9oz. So, they are both almost back to their birth weight of 5lb3oz, and 4lb11oz. So, we are very excited about that! The pediatrician is so impressed by how well they are doing. With preemies, it is so much harder to get them to eat well, and mine are good eaters! (of course, like their mommy and daddy!) Josh has been kind of sniffly at night, but the doctor said that was very normal b/c it has to do with their digestive system and some of their spit up getting up in his sinuses. Its perfectly normal. We also asked about their hiccup sessions after most feedings, and he also said that was normal, even though we hurt so much for them when it happens! he said that its hurts us way more than it hurts them.
He was also very impressed that I have been so organized by my chart and feeding schedule. It is helping me and everyone else keep on track. Its amazing how they are a week old already and how everyone has sort of fallen into this schedule, after having none a week ago. We go back in two weeks for a follow up!


  1. Love the pics - they look so teeny in their carseats!!

    DH and I still chart everything about Henry -- people looks at us like we're crazy, but it gives us peace of mind. I would definitely have to keep charting w/ two babies to keep it all straight!!