Friday, January 1, 2010

Some fun outfits

I obviously am bored today, since I have blogged so much lately. I even told Jake today that I wish they would come b/c I was bored and wanted some babies to play with - HA!! I wanted to share some special outfits with you that are too cute for words.

First off, Babies R us had all their Christmas stuff marked down the other day, so even though I don't have babes yet, I couldn't resist going ahead and buying their Christmas outfits for next year. I mean, I'm sorry, but could you please just die from the cuteness????

Next are the outfits that they will be going home in from the hospital - NEXT WEEK!! EEEEE!! Aren't they precious? Jake's wonderful grandmother got them for us. Yes, I know we have monograms again with no names. But I am sure their names will just be fabulous :)

A white receiving gown with blue monogram, blue hat, and blue and brown polka dot blanket

A white receiving gown with pink monogram, pink hat, and pink polka dot blanket.


  1. The gowns, hats & blankets are beautiful!! Just a head's up though. You might want to choose something with legs so the carseat buckle doesn't pinch their tiny legs & skin because the gown will have to be pulled up around their waist to get them buckled in. I, too, thought the same thing about "just get him here because I'm bored & ready to meet him alredy!" but enjoy the sleep's few & far between once they're here! Less than a week to go!!!