Friday, February 12, 2010

Little Chunks

Well, we went to the pediatrician yesterday again. The problem this time? Well, it seems Josh may or may not have sickle cell anemia. We got a letter in the mail last week that said his blood test from the hospital had come back abnormal and they needed to re-test it. And, of course, because they are twins, we had to bring Jules in too.

Now, the funny/not-so-funny thing about this is that sickle cell disease is an African American disease. Hmmmmm. As you can see, my children are not that. At least I don't think so. (ya never know whats in your family tree) Here is what I learned about who is affected.
In the United States people are often surprised when they learn that a person
who is not African American has sickle cell disease.
The disease originated in at least 4 places in Africa and in the Indian/Saudi Arabian subcontinent. It exists in all countries of Africa and in areas where Africans have migrated.

I mean, good grief, I hope we don't have it, LOL!!! My poor sweet babes had to get their heel pricked twice and had to fill little vials of blood. They screamed and I buried my head in whichever twin was not getting pricked. Jake was there to hold the twins that was. I don't know how I am going to get through these vaccines. Whew. The good news is that they are both little chunks. So, regardless of their awful acid reflux and all the vomiting, they are still gaining weight like champs. Which, makes me a little sad. Josh weighed 7lb6oz, and Jules was 6lb9oz. Crazy!! They are no longer my little baby dolls but actual babies that don't fit into their preemie clothes anymore :(


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