Friday, February 12, 2010

Superbowl Sunday

We had our first outing with the babies on Superbowl Sunday. We went over to our friends Nate and Lori Fowler's house to watch the big game. Mimi went with us so she could let everyone see the babies and she was going to take them back home. But they behaved so well! They didn't make a peep and ate well and sleep amazing. I think they like all the noise!

Lori and Easton with Jules

Josh, Jules, Jake and Easton.


  1. The BEST advice I EVER got regarding a newborn: take them everywhere for the first 6 months. A NB will sleep through ANYTHING. And the louder the better. NEVER keep the house quiet when they sleep. Declan would sleep awesome in a restaurant, straight up to 6 months. It saves your sanity!