Tuesday, March 23, 2010

10 Weeks- Update on the Babes

10 Weeks Old! (2 weeks until work....sigh)

Feedings: Jules is still doing great with feedings! She is now back up to 2.5 ounces along with rice cereal and is so proud of how good she is doing. We have maybe...*maybe*...had a vomit episode, but is has only been a very few times. Whew!! Josh is still a spit up king. The doctor says not to worry about it, so we aren't. What I thought was another food allergy (they had a rash on their face) turned out to be just a normal old infant rash that is now, thankfully, gone. So yay! We are good to go.

Waketime/Napping: They have both been sleeping very well. I have been closely monitoring their waketimes, and try to put them down after being up for around 50 minutes. I try to keep it to that, but sometimes it doesn't happen. Like, right now for instance, Josh is wide awake in his pack and play and has to eat in 30 minutes (FYI- he has been awake almost his entire naptime, thanks). They usually nap great in the mornings, so-so in the afternoon. After the 4:00 feeding they nap terrible. I have read that that they call this "The Witching Hour" in the evenings. They are just fussy during this nap and rarely sleep well.

Nightime: We are still on the 5-6 hour stretch (last night 6). I would really like to see some improvement here, but other moms I have talked to seem to think this is fantastic. They usually will not sleep through the night until they are about 12 pounds, so mine just aren't there yet, because they are so little. And that is just fine by me :)

Our Schedule: Still on the same schedule as before

Outing/Events: They weather has been nice, so we have been able to get out more and more to walk! We usually will walk after the 1:00 feedings, and they love it! We are also still taking them out to dinner sometimes. They surprise us by doing so well. However, the one time we went out with a group of people to our country club for dinner, they decided it would be best to scream and fuss the entire time. And, honestly, the crying and fussing wasn't nearly as bad as the people that kept coming up to me and telling me "they could stop them from crying", or "I could put them right to sleep", or "I'm finished eating, want me to hold them?" "I can rock them", or "My granddaughter (who's like 6) is done eating, so can babysit". UGGGGG. This has never happened before, and was GETTING ON MY NERVES.

Diet: I am exercising so much better. I have started doing crunches, which I am not overdoing, as I don't want to pull anything. This loose skin has got to go though.

Milestones: Jules is doing much better with her head control. She is so cute too, now that she is smiling. She is such a happier baby than she used to be. They are both pushing up really well on their legs in your lap. They are both so strong. They love mobiles and any kind of light or movement. I have also started them on Baby Einstein videos when I am feeding them one at a time, so that the other can watch something wile I feed the other. They are completely mesmerized by it, and its so funny to watch. They hair is getting fuzzy and can tell its going to be curly when it gets longer!!(I mean, of COURSE it is)


  1. i love the sunglasses. So cute!! =)

  2. Your babies are so cute!!!
    Yeah I don't know why my doctor says he doesn't weigh enough. She said they like them to gain 1/2 a pound to a pound a week but then by the time he is a year he would be gigantic! Syler is also a horrible sleeper after 4PM but sleeps great in the morning. He just started watching baby einstein to, while I take a shower. He also has really bad eczema, if anything touches his skin it gets red and rashy, my other kids didn't have this problem. I am glad your babies are doing so well! Did you find a good nanny or someone to watch them yet?