Tuesday, March 9, 2010

8 Weeks - Update on the Babes

8 weeks old/2 months old!

This is a tricky thing. When do you start going by the actual date? I guess now, huh? Because technically, they were two months old on Friday, March 5th (8 weeks). But, if we go by months and date, they were two months old on March 8th. Soooo, I know you don't really care, so I guess now I'm going to start going by the date, as my ticker at the top of my page is going by the date too. Anywhooooooo.......

Feedings: Jules has done a complete 180! She has only thrown up a handful of times lately. In fact, its now Wednesday and she hasn't thrown up since Friday (and that was only because she gagged herself on her pacifier). Josh, however, has been crowned the Spit-up King of Tennessee. I don't know where this is coming from, but he is now spitting up after he eats. Sometimes up to an hour or so afterwards. Seriously, what is up with that? An also lovely new thing to deal with is an apparent food allergy. I swear, I have taken just about everything I can out of my diet! They both have rashes on their sweet little faces. Hers is much worse that his is. I am completely dismissed this as typical baby acne, but my friend Larissa came to visit and said it was a food allergy of some sort. Great!!!

Waketime/Napping: I haven't done very well here either. But, Jules has been sleeping much better than she has been. She's been doing great with naps. Josh, however, has not done so well. Not only has he been crowned Spit-up King of Tennessee, but he also known around these parts as Mr. Fussy Pants. He has taken some cues from the former Ms. Fussy Pants (Ms. Jules) and realizes if you fuss then you get tended to: you might even get picked up and cuddled for a while :) He used to loooove his bouncy seat, but now he fusses in that. Poor Josh never gets the swing because Jules hates the bouncy seat (therefore, she always gets the swing). So, I think he has finally realized if he fusses enough, he can get swing-time too. (I tell ya, he's a genius!!!)

Nightime: Well, we go GREAT here for a few days, then have a set back, then do great again. So far, their longest has been 7 hours. But, we haven't done that since last Saturday. We are averaging 5-6 hours, which isn't bad. My goal is to get them sleeping through the night by the time I go back to work on April 5th, so we still have some work to do.

Our Schedule: Still on the same schedule as before

Outing/Events: We love getting out! Jake and I took them to eat sushi last Friday night, and we also took them out this past Friday as well, with our friends Hunter and Katie and Aunt Ginny and Uncle Jason. The weather here has also finally gotten halfway decent, so we have been going outside and walking! They love the fresh air and sunshine! We also got them out for a lunch date with Jake at his office, and made a stop at Target. Another fun thing we did was to have dinner with my cousins who live in Gallatin. My cousin, Rachael had a boy the week after me, so we got them together for their first playdate!

Diet: I am trying to be better, really I am! I am soooo close to my pre-pregnancy weight. I just wish I wasn't so hungry all the time! The good thing is that I can finally get outside and walk with the babes, so I am pretty stoked about that. Its nice to exercise again!

Milestones: Josh is still doing great with lifting up his head, and he has been rolling over quite a bit too!! Jules, sweet thing that she is, still just likes to lie there and push her legs up instead. Shes so cute though, so its ok. They are now starting to see things and follow things with their eyes. It is the best! We can entertain and play with them now! Its so cute! Josh is also Mr. Smiley now (boy he has received quite a few titles on this post). Jules is just starting to smile a bit, but not like Josh. So, we are working with her (lets just hope she is just not smiling yet, instead of being completely bored with us!) Life is so much fun with them in it. They are honestly the most precious things.


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