Thursday, April 8, 2010

12 Weeks - Update on the Babes

12 Weeks Old!

Feedings: Well, we just can't seem to make any solid movement here. This week, it has been very hard to get Jules to eat her 2.5 ounces. She really wants more of two. And we have also regressed back to her fighting the bottle EVERY SINGLE TIME. I swear, girlfriend, we are not on a diet yet are we? I mean, I know you will eventually be a model, but that can wait a few more years, right? LOL! I know girls are picky, but jeez! I am thinking maybe this is a growth spurt or something. I read that with some babies, they don't eat as well during growth spurts. That, is, of course, not the same with my hungry hungry hippo, Josh. He will eat whatever you put in front of his mouth. Bless him. I am worried about her not taking any more though, because they are almost sleeping through the night, so that will drop a feeding, so we will have to make that up somewhere, which is going to be hard.

Waketime/Napping: Okay, so since we have officially landed in nanny territory, I decided the week before she started that I would being transitioning them to their cribs for daytime naps instead on the pack and play. I did this for a few reasons. One, they have far exceeded the weight limit on the pack and play bassinet ( I think it is 15 pounds, and he weights 10, and she 9 now. Oops). Second, is because regardless of the weight limit, if one moves an inch it wakes the other up because it bounces them. And third, I just don't wanna buy another pack and play. My house is overrun as it is. Fourth, being, of course, that they NEED to nap in their cribs. The problem with this is that their nursery is on the second floor and basically life happens on the first floor, so it is quite the chore to carry them upstairs and back down every time. Which is why I sheepishly didn't make the transition until the nanny was close to starting :) The good news is that they are doing great with this!! The first few days were hard, and they hated the change, but now they are fine and I think they actually like it. I mean, it "is" their bed after all. I would always prefer to nap in my bed!

Nightime: We have improvements here - yea!! On Sunday night (the night before I went back to work) they "technically" slept through the night! We fed them at 10, and then fed them again at 6. Woohoo! I say technically, because we did get up maybe three times throughout the night and resettle them. One would start to whine, or even cry (Jules of course). But, they were doing so while in their sleep, so I thought we could probably hold them off a bit, and we did. So, that was success! Now, since then it has been a little tricky. The past two nights we fed once at 5, then at 4:45 the next night, while still getting up a few times to resettle them. Last night we got up at 4:50 to feed them, and that was the first peep they made since the 10 feeding, so I call that awesome! I have tried at the 4:45 and 5 feedings to hold them off, but the past few nights have been impossible. They have been starving, and were letting us know. So, it definitely has been a good week with sleep- yea!!

Our Schedule: Still on the same schedule as before, but will change a bit once they start sleeping better. The nanny comes at 7:30 and has been doing the first morning feeding. But, if they start sleeping through the night (like they did Monday) we start our day with that feeding, which was 6:00, and adjust it accordingly throughout the day. Eventually I want 7:30 to be the official start to their day, but that will take time.

Outing/Events: We have had a fun couple of weeks. My sister, Leslie, and my dad came for Easter weekend and we went down to Waverly and spent the day with Jake's family (separate post will follow). That was very nice. Jake went out of town to Las Vegas last weekend for March Madness, so Jakes mom came up and stayed with me to help. We went out to lunch and also went out with them to watch the Elite 8 game(sad story, boo for the Vols). They did great both times. They just sat in their car seats and looked around and eventually fell asleep. And that was in a loud sports bar!

Diet: I said last week I am trying to not over do it because I was afraid I would pull something, and dang it, I think I might have! I was really sore yesterday on a section of my incision. I took some left over pain meds, and it seems to help. But I was in PAIN yesterday. I am hoping its not something serious and it just goes away. Another thing I love about working is being on a set eating schedule. While at home I was eating and snaking during every between-feeding break. I couldn't help it. So, I do like I am back to not eating suite so much.

Milestones: They are SO CUTE now!! They both just smile up a storm. I love it. I love being able to interact with them now. It is so fun. And they are doing it as a reaction towards you, not just for gas or some other bodily function :) I swear, I think Josh is teething. He has been drooling alot (in addition to the spit up) and is constantly eating his fists. Jake's mom said that Jake cut two teeth at 3 months, so its definitely a possibility. Its just crazy though - hes still so little! And he, of course, can't hold any teething toys so he can't really chew on anything. He has also since discovered his hands. He will clasp them together and apart and just look at them in amazement. And wiggle his fingers and look at them and then see what parts might fit in his mouth. Its so funny to watch. Jules is our little kicking monster. She loves to kick more than any baby I have ever seen. You can put her down on her back and she just goes to town. She is either going to be a soccer player or a dancer. (Probably a dancer - Jake is refusing to let the kiddos play soccer. Any other sport they want but soccer) I tried last week to get out the exersaucer to see if can work yet, but they are still so tiny! It is still huge. So, it went back in the closet and we will try it again in a month or so.


  1. Mandy- My hubby says the same thing about soccer! It was determined long before we ever even dreamed of trying too! ;)