Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Back to Life....Back to Reality...

I did it. I am now officially an employed woman again. I am now an employee and not just a mommy anymore. And it feels good. I was really ok on Monday! I was very, very nervous, and didn't really know how I would handle it. But I was a superstar, and it wasn't too hard at all. Does that make me a bad mother, lol???

For those that are wondering what we are doing with the babes when I am at work, I decided just to leave them at home. I have two cats that I figured could keep an eye on them while I was gone. Joking! But, we are keeping them at home. We have found an uber fabulous nanny. As you may recall, we had looked at and were on several waiting lists for daycares. Well, once my preciouses got here, my mother and mother-in-law decided that they were not allowing these angels to be in a day care with numerous other kiddos, so they insisted on a nanny. So, off to search we went. (We are still going to do daycare when they get a bit older and can benefit from a social and learning environment. daycares ever called us back. Apparently we never made it to the top of any wait lists. And helloooo- it was October!)

We had some interviews with some qualified people, then Jake's cousin worked with a girl that was looking for a nanny job (she is a massage therapist on the side). She is fabulous, and decided to hire her. She is so good with the babies and as sweet as she can be. She works from 7:30-3:30.

So, there. I did it. I am a worker-bee yet again. And miss my babies like crazy when I'm gone. Ok, I feel like a mom again. Whew.


  1. I had to laugh at your cat comment! =)

    Glad going back to work wasn't as stressful as you thought. I'm not looking forward to that part either and I have till June 21st!

  2. Congratulations working girl! Sounds like you have a perfect situation with your new nanny and I'm sure it's nice to be back at work. And you sound like a great mommy BTW =)

  3. Mandy
    I a belong to POTATO and saw you had a blog.
    I am a stay home mom and feel sometimes like I WANT to go back to work to just feel like a real WOMAN again. Its a bitter sweet feeling. I do work a lot from home(I'm a Realtor) but I so miss that grown-up socialization.
    Josh and Jules are precious. My twins are 16 months but if feels like yesterday that they were 3 months old. Mine were born Dec. 15. This time last year I was just hoping to survive when my husband would go back to work and I would be all by myself caring for them. They definitely bring a whole new meaning to parenthood! way to go! would love to catch up if you come to the potato get-together at the park this Saturday. Hang in there!amber. Our blog is: