Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter weekend and hope everyone else did too! My dad and sister, Leslie came in town to visit. Leslie hasn't seen the twins yet, so she of course fell right in love with them. How could you not?

Leslie with Josh

Leslie and Jules

We both put on our "My Auntie is the best" onsies that Aunt Essie had bought for us previously. However, by the time Leslie arrived, Jules was no longer wearing hers, because she went #2 up her back.

Dad with Josh & Jules

Dad with Josh

We decided to forgo the church route this Easter, because people come out of the woodwork for Easter Sunday, and we thought the babes were too little this year to be around all those people. Instead we drove down to Jake's hometown, Waverly, for Easter dinner with his family, as well as dad and Leslie. The babies had a wonderful time. Because we didn't go to church this year, we decided instead of Easter outfits we would wear our Yankees gear in honor of baseball opening day!! They are the cutest Yankees fans! Hope everyone had a Hoppy Easter!

MeMaw (Jakes grandmother) with Josh

Jake's mom (grama) with Jules

Me and Jake with Josh

Grama, Jules, and Jake's Grandad

J.V. (Jakes Dad) with an unhappy Jules

Grama and J.V. with the little Yankees, Josh & Jules

Four generations!!

Go Yankees!!

Our sweet family picture

Happy Easter!


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