Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Picture mania

Do any of you other moms out there do this?

I literally take dozens of pictures of the same pose with my babies to get "the perfect shot". So, I end up with at least 12-20 pictures of the same outfit and only a *tiny* variation of each. Then I can't delete any of them because they are all so cute and don't want to delete a single one, so I end up with a camera full of oh, maybe about 5 shots, but 150 pictures. Am I insane?


  1. Yep, I do it too! My camera and computer are filled with pictures that all look the same and I know I should delete some of them but I can't decide which ones! It gets me in trouble when I go to grab the camera and there is no room on the memory stick...

  2. Nope. Not insane at all. I do the same thing.
    Then when i go and print them...I tend to print them all!! I need to stop that!
    you can't help it when you have cute kids!