Friday, May 21, 2010

18 Weeks - Update on the Babes

18 Weeks Old!

Ooooooooooppppppssss! I completely spazzed and forgot to write a 16 week post! What were all the milestones and moments I forgot to document???? AAAHH! Five things have to happen this month: Consistently sleep throughout the night with no waking, wean the swaddle, move to a 3.5-4 hour schedule, and start cereal. Yikes!

Feedings: These are big babies, and now my bb's are just trying to keep up. Well, honestly they aren't BIG babies, but all of a sudden they are taking in lots more food. Josh is now drinking 6 oz and Jules is taking 4.5-5 oz! Its completely crazy. I am able to still pump well, but have been resorting to thawing out one of my frozen packets per day, which I HATE doing. but, I am very proud of myself that I have been able to keep up with them this long. So, I decided to start taking some Fenugreek, which is a natural herb to help stimulate more milk. So, hopefully that will work! I also tried to re-enter dairy into my diet last weekend. Jake and I took the babes to eat pizza and I loved every bite, LOL. Josh however, has had a rough few days with it,and I feel terrible. he was spitting up like a crazy man. So, no more dairy again :(

Waketime/Napping: We are still doing good here, I guess. Last week we had a god of 45 minute naps, which was driving everyone crazy. So, we decided to lengthen their waketimes to about an hour and a half, so that seems to work better. They are now napping an hour and a half which is MUCH better for babies, and MUCH better for mommy. We are still wishy-washy on that 4th nap. We haven't officially dropped it, but some days we don't take it. If they do, they sleep for maybe 20-30 minutes, but they still really need that. if they don't I usually take them for walk and they snooze anyway.

Nightime: We have finally had success here, it only took 18 weeks! Poor Josh has been ready to STTN (sleep through the night) forever it seems, but that pesky Jules just wasn't having any of it. This past weekend, we had to WAKE THEM up one time at 8am, and the other days they slept until 7, and 7:30. Woohoo! Then once Monday started, Josh got fussy one night, then the next night was Jules, etc. I still haven't given them a night feeding since 14 weeks, so we will just go in and pop their paci back in. I have just decided to not worry so much about it. I know they are sometime not making my "wanna-be" waketime of 7:30, which would be sleeping for 12 hours with a 10pm dreamfeed. But, they usually always sleep 9-10, so I guess I shouldn't be complaining so much. Now is on to the "dropping of the dreamfeed"...Stay Tuned

Our Schedule: Still the same. That is another thing on my agenda this month. "moving to a 4-hour schedule". Can it be done??? One can only wish. Stay Tuned

Outing/Events: Wow, I think we have had many! We had our first foray to the mall. That was an experience. I tried to maneuver the stupid snap-n-go around, but that stroller is just so bulky and hard to push. But it was a nice afternoon. People kept stopping us telling me how cute the babies were and how well behaved they were being. (of course!) I also went to Hill Center will them and walked and shopped there as well. (note to self, forget the snap-n-go!) I think the next times I am just going to take my lovely Maclaren. I keep taking the snap-n-go because they fall asleep in their carseats and its easier to just move the carseats. but, man, that thing is so hard to turn in and out of aisles. We have also been out to dinner with them numerous times. The only thing we haven't done yet is church, and we have GOT to do that. Soon.

Diet: Doing better here as well. I think getting on a better eating schedule is doing wonders for me. (Ha! I am such a schedule advocate for the babies. Its funny how its working for me too!) I am now only maybe a couple of pounds away from my pre-prego weight! Woohoo! I am still exercising as well. if I can make it to the gym I will go, but it usually just walking the babies with the stroller outside, which is good for me, and good for them too.

Milestones: We now think that eating our hands is the greatest thing in the world EVER. If we can put one fist in, why not try two? We will sure try our best! Its so funny. They are both happy, happy babies. if you laugh at Jules, she will usually laugh back. She thinks laughing is so funny. They love, love to hear me sing. It really just mesmerizes them, which of course, melts my heart. I usually stick to children music, but sometimes Tone Loc makes them happy too. Josh is still wearing a bib and loves standing up. Jules (my superstar, for the first time!!) has learned to roll from her back to tummy! She is usually not the one to try things first, so this was MAJOR. (She finally mastered rolling from tummy to back at 15 weeks, but forgot to post that)My nanny also said that Jules said "Boo" the other day after Sherri said it to her. I'm not going to count that as a first word, but its still so cute. They love, LOVE bathtime. They will kick and play forever. They have always loved baths, but now that we took out the sling and they have room, they just go to town. They are starting to like toys now. Their favorite is those little squishy books that make a cracking noise. They also like to watch TV, and love some of the baby Einsteins. Some they don't. If its more "cartoony" the better. They love sitting in their Bumpos for a short time. But after too long and they try to get out. They both can now get in the Jumperoo. Josh has it figured out and knows how to bounce himself, but Jules still can't touch the floor. She still likes it though!


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