Monday, May 24, 2010

One of the best days of my life

How did this day pass me by? On May 20th, 2009, I took a test. A great test. A test that I usually failed, month, after month, after month. This time it was positive. What a year it has been. I remember everything about that day. The day before (Tuesday the 19th) I literally felt what was implantation. I knew something was going on, and I was right! The next morning I took a positive pregnancy test. I was supposed to meet Jake later to hit some golf balls (I had just taken up the sport, and needless to say I haven't played much since then). When I got into Jake's car, I told him we were pregnant. I was going to do something sweet or funny to surprise him, but just was too excited. I think he was a bit dumbfounded as well, because we never really thought it would happen. It was a very much up-and-down pregnancy, with lots of bumps along the way (Ha! besides the baby bump). But it was all so worth it. I couldn't have asked for a better pregnancy, and made it all the way to my induction date of January 8th, 2010, which I never thought I would make.

I went from this at 10 weeks:

To this mammoth belly at 36 weeks!

Dear Josh and Jules,

One year ago, on May 20th, I had the best news I have ever had. I was pregnant with you precious miracles. I say miracles because we had hoped and prayed for you for a very long time. We had tried just about everything, and was close to giving up hope that we would have a baby to hold in our arms. Imagine our joy that we now have two precious miracles instead of one. Our family is now complete. I could not have asked more more special babies. You both are so sweet and your personalities have shown through since I first met you. (even in the womb!)

Jules, you are my little spit fire. You love nothing more than your swing, to kick, to be held, and to hear Mommy sing. You could care less about being fed, and would rather being awake in the action than to ever sleep. You will be one to "never miss a party". You cannot stand to not know what is going on around you, even at a very young age. We always joke that Josh will only get to play with whatever toys you are not playing with at that moment, because you will control them all. You were a kicker from the very beginning in the womb and poor Josh never moved much at all, but I really don't think he could, because you were always EVERYWHERE. Literally, you would be in a completely different position every time we got an ultrasound, and Josh was always in the same place. I just don't think you let him move very much. You are already a very headstrong and confident little girl. I remember when we were at the hospital, Jake's cousin (who worked in the NICU) had you both for the night in the nursery so we could get some sleep. When you were brought back to us the next morning, Josh had a soothies pacifier in his mouth. You were crying and very fussy and so upset,and we couldn't figure out why. Then it dawned on us. You were furious that Josh had a pacifier and you didn't! Jake got up and got dressed and went and purchased one as soon as the store opened. He brought it back and yep! That was it - you were such a happy camper after that. This will forever be one of my favorite memories because it was the first time your personality showed.

You were SO HAPPY and just sucked and sucked on this thing, even though it way waaay too big for her face. Teh sucking sounds you were making were hysterical, because the paci was so big in your mouth, but you didn't care in the least, because you finally got one.

Josh, you are my little snuggle bunny. You love nothing more than to snuggle, and to eat. You a are such a little chunky monkey, and as long as you have a bottle, you are good as gold. You don't take a pacifier like Jules, but have really never needed it. You are as cool as a cucumber. On our first trip to Knoxville, we were in the car for three hours, and it was our first road trip. You both slept for the first hour and a half. After that, you both were awake. You proceeded to look and play with your hands for the next hour and half, while Jules decided to scream the rest of the way. When we take you to both to restaurants, I always have Jules sit by me because I know she will need constant "looking after" (as I said before, she never misses a party). But you will just sit there and be as content as can be or will sleep. You are such a laid back boy. You were always the best sleeper and never had a problem falling asleep on your own. You love being carried in the Bjorn carrier, and really, its just because you love being close to someone. You are so smart and always want to challenge yourself. You rolled over at 6 weeks, smiled first, ate more and have always been the first to try anything. You try to stand up so much now we think you are going to walk any day, LOL! If we start or try something new with you kids, we always start with you first, because you are such a big boy.

I love you both so much and thank God every day that he brought you into our lives.



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