Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First weekend away....

I can do this, right??? How can I do this is the question. Will they forget me? Forget who I am? Should I record tapes of me singing and talking? Should I make a daily video of myself for them? I jest. Although I am going to LOVE going to Chicago with my hubby. I must admit I am a little afraid. I haven't been away from my babies for anything longer than 6 hours. But I am confident I can do it. I'll just expect my in laws to send my pictures on an hourly babies is all. Then I think I can manage. I am excited, though. We are going up for a dear friend's wedding. He is Indian, and is marrying an Indian, so it is a true Indian wedding, with all kinds of fabulous traditions. I am really excited about it. Poor Jake, though. It's his first Father's Day, and he's pretty upset about missing it. We don't get home until late Sunday. However, I have a surprise for him that will hopefully help make him happy. (I'll share that later).

So...here we go. How does a breastfeeding mom of two do a trip out of town you ask? Well, my freezer is stocked full of milk. Also, I am carrying on my old trusty pump. I also have been stocking up on water bottles (washed of course). I decided to go this route over the breast milk storage bags. I find that they develop holes and they DO leak, even though they say they don't. (I have wasted many a bags this way, which made me cuss a lot). I plan on pumping, then putting milk in each water bottle until it fills up. Then either icing them down in the bathroom sink or hopefully will have a fridge in the room. Then I am going to carry it all on board the plane on my trip back. I have one of those grocery freezer bags that supposedly works fabulously. This all seems very confusing and cumbersome, and believe me, it is. And don't even get me started on WHEN I will actually pump. I haven't thought that through yet. Being in a busy city, you don't always go to your hotel quite that often. Have to make exceptions though!!

So,please say a prayer that I will get through this weekend refreshed, enlightened, and back to babies that missed me terribly.


  1. You are so awesome! One question, with the security restrictions will they let you carry on the water bottles? Or maybe you could check the cooler? GL girl, I hope you have a fantastic time at the wedding!

  2. Yup! You can carry them on, over 3oz as well. They changed their policy a year or so ago. Its still going to be crazy though. I pump about 50oz/day! Lots of water bottles, LOL!

  3. I would have totally done the same thing!!! You are AWESOME!!!! I can't believe you have enough milk for two kids, I think one is hard! How do you have room for all of it in your freezer, mine is overflowing, it falls out every time you open the door. Yes those milk bags always leak, so annoying. Jules swimsuit is super cute! Josh seems like a funny little guy, I love little boys!