Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our first trip to the zoo!!

We went to the zoo for the first time weekend before last (sorry for the lack of posting). My sister, AKA Aunt Ginny always does crazy, nutty things for her birthday. She tried to make it as kid focused as possible (for her, not actual "kids"). One year we all went paint-balling, another we were skating, we've also done a carnival at her house, along with a dunking booth, jugglers, and face painting. And no, she's not 5. This year, my 30 year old sister wanted to have her party at the Knoxville Zoo. So, off we went. The babies had a GREAT time. And by GREAT time I mean that they fell asleep soon after we walked through the zoo gates. Josh stayed put in the stroller for the duration, but Ms. Fussy pants decided she would rather be held the last third of our zoo journey.

Anyway, here we go!


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