Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pool-time fun

Well, being that we live in the south, I couldn't wait to get these babies in the water. This mama loves her pool time. We are going to forget about the fact that #1: I shant be ever relaxing with a book by the water again, and #2: that this body isn't quite ready for ole swimsuit season yet.

Anyway, we decided to take a chance again at the water. While we were in Knoxville on Memorial Day weekend, the babes got in for maybe two minutes, and screamed the whole time. It was so bizarre. They LOVE baths, so I didn't understand why they were not happy in the water. I just told myself that maybe it was because it was dusk and colder outside, which made it really cold in the water.

Well, we went again last weekend to Old Natchez and tried again - and they loved it!! As soon as we put Josh in his float, he laid back and just started kicking. Jules cried at first, then realized it was just like a big bath and started kicking like crazy. They lasted an hour! Which is very long in baby time. I definitely think I have water bugs!

Here is our first foray into the water:

And our second: (can someone please tell me how I can avoid taking a million pictures every time I get them in a pool? Because I might run out of memory or my camera. Its nearly impossible)


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