Tuesday, August 3, 2010

28 Weeks - Update on the Babes

28 Weeks Old!

WOW. All I can say is W.O.W. PLEASE time - slow down!!!!!!

Feedings: My milk has gotten up! Woohoo! Also, they are taking a bit less sometimes too, so that helps. Right now I only have to use 2-3 ounces of formula in one of their bottles, which is great. They are now eating solids three times per day, which they are loving too. (see schedule below) Every time they eat solids, they usually don't finish the entire next bottle. They usually leave a bit. Our pedi said that we should be feeding solids about an hour after their bottle, instead of directly after.I am now in the "YAY for me for breastfeeding this long!" and "when do I want to stop?" phase. Things are still going well and there really isn't a need for me to stop yet, so I am just going to keep on chugging along. I am thinking I may go to Paris, France in October with my mom and sister, so if I do, that may be a stopping point for me. We haven't started any finger foods or anything yet. We are still on homemade purees, which is awesome, and we start meats next month! Woohoo!

Waketime/Napping: We are now starting the nap process at 1:45, which puts them actually lying in their crib at the 2hr mark. We have been gong back and forth or good naps/bad naps. Bad naps make for VERY fussy afternoon babies - good naps make for really happy babies! usually if we get one good nap in, the rest are shorter, but boy, do I wish for consistency. Some of my friends have 2-3 hour napper babies. I am praying for 45min-1.5 hr!!

Nightime: Still doing ok here, but that dang Jules - she just demands to be an early riser. They are still going down at 7:30. Ideally, I would love them to sleep until 7:30, but they usually are up by 7. Jules has her good mornings and bad mornings. Sometimes she will wake at 6, then go back to sleep, sometimes not. However, we never get her up until Josh gets up. Again, thankfully, I have happy babies. She is quite content just hanging out in her crib until someone comes to get her.

Our Schedule:

7:00- wake/feed 7.5 oz for Josh, 7 for Jules
8:00 - solids, 1 cube of fruit each, mixed with 1T cereal each
9:00 - nap (hopefully at least 1.5 hours)
10:30 - feed 7 for Josh, 6.5 for Jules (they usually don't finish this one)
12:30 - nap
2:00 - feed 7 oz for Josh, 6.5 for Jules, plus 2 ice cubes each veggie
3:30 - nap
5:00 - feed 7 oz for Josh, 6.5 for Jules
6:30/6:45 - cluster feed 5 for Josh, 5 for Jules, 2 T cereal for each mixed with 2 ice cubes veggie,and 1 ice cube fruit each
7:00 - baths
7:30 - story/bedtime

Outing/Events: I did my first road trip with the babes, BY MYSELF. Whew-what a journey. some of my cousins were in town from Georgia, so I went to Knoxville to see them. Growing up, my Georgia cousins and my family would go to metcalf bottoms and picnic, grill out, and "tube" down the creek rapids. It's just what you did in "East Tennessee"(please say that with a southern accent, thanks ya'll). So, we went back there with our kiddos last weekend. Not everyone could make it, but it was still fun! Now...traveling with two babies in a Nissan Altima, however, not so much fun. They were CHAMPS on the way up there. They were the best babies in the whole world. Bless their hearts, not so much on the way back. I had to stop at least 4 times, and while I was trying to hold feeding them until i got home, I had to stop 45 minutes from my house to feed them. Now, you people with one baby could do this easily. Not so much with two. I can't just carry them in somewhere. I have to get out the stroller and all that jazz. So, we stopped at a Target, got the stroller out, got their bottles, and sat in the cafe there and I simultaneously feed them at the same time. Pure awesomeness. (Pics below from Metcalf bottoms)

Diet: (ummmm, still here from the last update, would love to walk outside with them, but its too damn hot!) *crickets*, LOL - I am now back to my pre-pregnancy wight! Woohoo! Now I would just like to lose about 10 more to look like my pre- "ttc" self.

Milestones: They are now really good at sitting up. They tip over a time or two, and you have to watch them, and be careful (I'm talking to you, Mandy, since I seem to let them bump their heads...alot...) We are still signing some when we eat. if I can remember I will other times during the day. Hmm, what else...I think Baby Einstein videos have subliminal crack messaging in them or something - those babies are MESMERIZED - its scary, lol! They are so funny together, constantly touching patting, laughing, etc at each other. They both love their toys. Josh cried for the first time the other day when i took one away from him. While bathtime is one of their favorite times per day, I am thinking we need to move it from the kitchen to an actual bathtub. The splashing is getting crazy!! They love patty cake and love hearing music, and singing songs. No crawling yet - but I do think Jules will be first! She is up on all fours constantly. She may win this one....


  1. You are such a breastfeeding superstar! It sounds like a good plan to stop before your trip (SO fun BTW). Your schedule is great, I wish I had one. It seems like things justh appen at random times. My guess is that would be impossible with twins. So happy to hear everything is going great!