Thursday, August 26, 2010

32 Weeks-Update on the Babes

32 Weeks Old!!!

Ok, I have officially entered slacker territory. I have started back work full-time now that schools are back in session, and my time in front of my computer has come to a slowdown. So....what happened to the other weeks? Hmmmm...I guess I will just have to pick up where I left off. And, also while I am admitting things, I do believe now its the time where I have no idea how old they are. Seriously, the past few weeks I have had to get my calendar out and count out how many weeks old they are. I know in terms of months, obviously, but cannot tell you on a week-by-week basis how old they are. I had to look this one up! LOL! We have had lots of fun things happen the past few weeks. We have survived our first cold-yippee! one of us is mobile (Ms. Jules), we have moved out of the kitchen sinks for baths into our bathtub, we got baptized and had our first party, we are (unfortunately) sitting up in our crib (Jules again) and we have started finger foods!

Feedings: My milk is still just "ok". I have to use one-half of formula for one bottle per day, and the rest is just breastmilk, so I guess thats good for two babies! But, now I am trying, again, to build up some sort of supply for when I am traveling in October. Jake and I are going to New Orleans for a weekend for the UT/LSU game, and then I am going to Paris with my mom and sister later in October. So, I am now trying to build up my milk to have some to store in my freezer. Fenugreek just isn't working anymore. And I feel like I am taking a ton of it. So, now I am in the process of "power-pumping". This is my third day doing it, so I will let you know if it makes a difference. It is supposed to mimic cluster feeding, which signals the body to produce more milk. You are to pump for one hour each day 10min on, 10 min off, and its "supposed" to dramatically increase your supply. We'll see. Solids are still going well. We have started adding a protein to their dinner. So far they have eaten chicken (pureed) and.....TOFU! They ate tofu for the first time last night and did fine with it. Crazy, huh? In other news, we are officially on a 4-hour schedule, and they basically did it on their own. And crazy enough, it was during the week they were sick! They just naturally started sleeping a bit longer and extending their waketime and just weren't hungry until the 4-hour mark.

Waketime/Napping: I think (***hopefully**) we have this figured out. We start naps at the 2 hour mark, and they usually sleep for 1.5 hours, or sometimes 2 hours. Woohoo!! They are still taking three naps.

Nightime: Still doing great here. They go down at 7:30 and will usually get up at 7. Here's the weird thing - Jules will still sometimes get up really early, and 95% of the time its because she has a poopy diaper! What is this about? And is there anything I can do about it? Its not like I can stop feeding her solids before bed, but its the most bizarre thing. Who poops in the middle of the night in their sleep?

Our Schedule:

7:00- wake/feed 7.5 oz for Josh, 7 for Jules then solids: 2 cubes of fruit each, mixed with 2 T cereal each (Josh usually gets more - either more fruit or cereal)
9:00 - nap (hopefully at least 1.5 hours)
11:00 - feed 7 for Josh, 6.5 for Jules (this bottle is my half-formula bottle)
1:00 - nap (usually wake at 2:30)
3:00 - feed 7 oz for Josh, 6.5 for Jules, plus 2 ice cubes each veggie, 3 for Josh
4:30 - nap
6:30/6:45 - feed 7 oz for Josh, 6.5 for Jules, 1 cube protein, 2 cubes veggie, 1 T cereal, and 1 cube fruit for dessert :)(Jules usually doesn't finish it, but Josh does!)
7:00 - baths
7:30 - story/bedtime

Outing/Events: We had their baptism this past Sunday. I will post the pics and update about that in another post. We usually still take them out to dinner with us about once on the weekend. AND, big news here....I have finally agreed to let our nanny start taking them on outings outings during the week, like playdates, etc. I am a complete Nervous Nelly about my kiddos, so I have to put my big girl panties on and know that they will be ok! its just weird, b/c Jake and I are the only people who have really driven them anywhere. I know it will be fine, but I am just a worry wart!

Diet: Interesting development here. A friend of mine that had twins five days before me posted on facebook about being diagnosed with diastasis recti. This is where your stomach muscles separate during pregnancy,. Its very common with a multiple pregnancy. The left and right sides of this muscle separate, leaving a gap in between. Well, in fitness terms, this means that you still have a pudge that honestly, there is nothing you can do about it. I started thinking about, and did the "at-home test", and yep, there is definitely a gap there. NO WONDER I am still not where I want to be! Good grief. Its not big by any means, however I am just not "Gisele" yet (she is my inspiration, since she had Benjamin a month before I had mine). The bad news, is there is basically nothing you can do. You can get a tummy tuck, or do major-intense ab workouts every day, to try to get your muscles to re-attach to each other. Jeez......

Milestones: Jules is officially crawling and she is everywhere. We haven't started baby proofing yet,so I guess thats next. I walked in the nursery this morning to get them up, and Jules was sitting upright in her crib, just smiling. She had found her pacifier, and was sucking on it (this is big too, when they can pick up and put their own paci in) and get this - her sleep sack was completely unzipped!! She had somehow (I have no idea how) un zipped her sleep sack from the bottom all the way to the top and it was completely open. CRAZY!! - How did she do that? She doesn't know what a zipper is, or pinch, or know that it upzips from the bottom to the top. Josh is SO CONTENT just sitting and playing with toys. And he has become an expert-sitter-upper. You can probably leave him for an hour with toys and he will be sitting in the same spot when you return. Its so funny. They are so different. She wants to get away and get into everything, and he is just fine sitting where he is. They have started eating Gerber puffs. This is their first finger food, and it dissolves, so it doesn't worry me too much. They don't have the pinch figured out, so they just use their whole fist to get it in their mouth. We got their 7 month pictures taken this past weekend, so I'll post them when we get them back. They are honestly the cutest, sweetest, most well-behaved babies in America. And they get cuter every day!!


  1. WOW, so much has happened! I just love your organization and wish I had as much of a schedule as you do. You are a breast feeding wonder, it must be so hard with twins. Jules sounds like she's going to be a mover and shaker, already crawling and everything!

    Thanks for your tip on my blog about nannies. I can imagine it is a perfect solution with twins =) Since I start back to work next Wednesday we're on a short clock and I"m a little insecure about having someone in my house and not being able to watch how they are with her for a while. Hopefully the daycare we picked works out well!