Wednesday, August 4, 2010

6 Month Doctor Visit

I forgot to update everyone on our 6 month Dr. appointment. They were, of course, rock stars again with their vaccines. They each got the third and final round of diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, polio, rotavirus, and pheumococcal disease. Whew! Jake, of course was with the babe getting shot at, while I was hovered in the corner covering the ears of the other baby, lol. I just can't do it!! But, its really not bad. They cry for just a second and then they are fine.

As for the other fun babies are still so little...but so chunky!! *sigh* They are thriving, and healthy, and a wonderful size. They are right in line where they should be if we go by adjusted age, but I do understand that they just can't do that. I mean, when they are 12 and they are so much smaller than everyone, I can't rightly say, oh, but they are a month behind everyone! So, I DO understand the pedi's need to catch them up. So, we are eating, eating, eating. He mentioned the dreaded words "growth hormones" to talk about at the 9 month appt if they are still behind. So, hopefully, we won't have to even discuss that at our next appt.

I was shocked when they weighed them. I honestly thought they were so much bigger than this, since I've been using the 100% accurate way of weighing them at home (weigh myself, then hold them and weigh myself again) - HA!!


13lb 9.5 oz (0%, not even to the 3rd, lol) However, if you go by milestone of doubling their birthweight at 4 months, we are golden there, and tripling by 12m, we are on track)
25.13" long (10%)
16" head (25%).

12lb12oz (3%)
25.25" long (25%, and yes, one quarter inch longer than Josh. My measley 5'1" frame has stunted the poor boy's growth,... I know it)
head of 16.5"(25%)


  1. I've never heard of growth hormones...hopefully it's not an issue at their next appt! It sounds like they are doing so, so well =)