Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Babes got Baptized!

Finally, we did it. What a special, special day. They were both so freaking cute!!


Outfits: Jules wore the gown I was christened in, as well as both of my sisters as well. She and Josh both had bonnets made by my cousin Melanie. They were made from a (Melanie's) bridesmaid dress from mine and Jake's wedding. Josh did not wear his due to protests from Jake, LOL, but Jules wore hers and was a cutie. We got Josh's outfit from a boutique here in Brentwood that we also got their "take-me-home" outfits. I also made little onsies for them to wear at home. They were white, with a blue/pink crown that said "Blessed" along with their monogram.

"Special" Baptism: My Aunt Clara brought back water from the River of Jordan 1998 specifically because she knew she would eventually have grandkids (and/or a great niece and nephew) that would love to have it for a baptism. It is literally water from the River of Jordan. You can read more about its significance here. While we didn't use it at the church (my church has a huge baptism pool of water, even though they only sprinkle it on their heads) we decided still to bless them with it when they got home. So, although it looks like we "did us a home baptism cause we'z frum the south" it's actually a very neat thing, LOL.

Family: Guests included my mom, dad, my sisters Leslie and Ginny, Ginny's husband Jason, my Aunt Clara, and my cousin Donna. Also there were Jake's mom and dad, sister Jennifer and boyfriend Scott, his Aunts Nancy and Bennie, and his cousins Lisa, Heath and their son Gabe.

Service: They were baptized at the 9:50 awakening service at Brentwood United Methodist Church

Party: We had a lunch afterwards at the house. It was catered by Swanky Taco in Cool Springs, and dessert was cupcakes made by me and mom, and a coconut cake made by Aunt Clara.

It was such a wonderful day!!!!!


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