Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sad Face....

I am a bad mother. I have given my precious babies their first cold. I thought it was allergies. My doctor said it was allergies. So, hmmmm, if it was allergies, how come my babies can't breathe, stupid doctor man?

I am supposed to just keep a watch on them to make sure there is no fever or wheezing. Right now they are just really sneezy and snotty. Bless their hearts. I am so sad for them. And sad for me because I did it to them. Lots of sad faces all around. I guess I should be happy because 1. they are 7 months old and have never been sick one day in their life, and 2. this will build up their immune system, and 3. it was bound to happen sometime.


  1. Awww... poor babies! Eirik's already had one cold... he got it from my friends son and then promptly gave it to my husband and myself! I felt so bad for him! But, as you said, builds up that healthy immune system. =)

  2. Hope your little babies feel much better soon! Stupid doctor man owes you an appolgy =)

  3. Claire had her first cold at 7 months too. It sucked. I felt so bad for her because there's real nothing we can do for them. I hope they get better quickly. Don't feel bad mommy, it was bound to happen at some point!