Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Camera!!

Hey all in the blogger world! I'm back! I have been Ms. Depressed Lady since my charging cradle on my camera went kaput. Good news, though..I have a new one! And a good one!! My birthday was on Wednesday (September 8th - Happy Birthday to Moi). I had asked for a new camera, but really didn't think i woudl get one. I assumed I would get some money and would just buy one off of Craigslist. Imagine my surprise when I opened up a brand new Nikon D3000! Woohoo! I'm going to take some professional shots and all that jazz! Woohoo! (again!)
This camera is incredible. Here are some recent shots from it, that I love. And I don't even know how to use it yet. I am so excited to learn more about it so I can take even better pics!


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