Friday, September 3, 2010

No camera :(

I have no camera. I cannot begin to tell you how sad I have been about it. I haven't taken a picture of the babes in two weeks! I have a Casio Exilim camera, which I have loved. Well, all of a sudden the charging cradle stopped working. I have fiddled and fiddled with it. So, then I brought out my old Kodak EasyShare camera from many moons ago, and it doesn't work either, with new batteries and everything. So, for the time being, I can only get pictures that other people have taken, which is actually ok, b/c everyone takes pictures of the babes at any given moment. But, I am used to taking pictures of them EVERY DAY. So...I'm a little blue about it. I had already asked for a new camera for the birthday next week before any of this happened. (hint, hint) So, hopefully I will get one!

Here is a recent picture of them on their new scooter-thing. They LOVE it, I can't begin to tell you how much.


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