Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our favorite things - 8 Months

I thought I would copy my bloggie friend Emma, on her post of her son Eirik's favorite things. I thought it was great so I am being a copycat :) I will hope to do these monthly. They are growing so fast and into so many different things that I thought it would be great to look back on.

As far as favorite books for the moment, I'm gonna have to go with Baby Einstein's Mirror Me book. They are just now getting to where they know what a book is, instead of just wanting to eat them, and they love the mirrors in this book. They have a ton of books, but this one at the moment is their favorite.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider. They LOVE this song. I sing to them all the time, and literally, this song is the one that they will stop whatever they are doing and look at me and smile.

Their "scooter" - that is what we are calling it anyway. Its not a scooter, but some sort of a walker thing. They sit on it and we pull them through the house. Loads of fun.

Anything that makes music. They have a toy piano and a teetering ball. And they love those.

Josh likes anything that has a string or ribbon. Shoelaces, ribbon bookmarks in our pooh book, drawstring on my pajama pants, etc. In addition to this, he can find a tag on ANYTHING and is obsessed with it. So funny.

Josh also loves his feet. They are by far his favorite body part.

Since Jules is now pulling herself to standing, she is loving our stairs. (love this, by the way)

She also is obsessed with our cats. Josh, not so much. But Jake and I both think Jules' first word will be "Gus", because she keeps saying "Ga" all the time, and we can't think of anything else it could possibly be.

I think they are close to outgrowing the exersaucer and jumeroo. They do still like it, mind you, but since they are now both mobile they don't like to be stationary very much.

They both love playing "ride a little horsey". They both love it and it puts them in the best mood if they are grumpy.

Favorite foods will be anything sweet (for Jules, natch) and basically anything for Josh. They both really like avocado.

They love rattles (again, probably b/c it makes noise).

Their favorite video is Baby Einstein's Van Gough. Although, they also love the freebie video's in Comcast's On Demand section for babies called Baby Genius. They are about 8 minutes long and sing along songs.

And both of their favorite toys are still the little Ronald McDonald toys from Happy Meals that Jake's Aunt Sally sent them. So crazy. Of all the things they have.

And I guess you could also say that they love their Sippy Cup "toy", because they love to bang it on their high chairs instead of actually drinking out of it. Silly babies.


  1. Thanks for posting this! It's fun to see what Kylie might be into in a few months =)