Monday, November 1, 2010

Our favorite things - 9 Months

Here is our update on our favorite things at 9 months old!

As far as favorite books for the moment, this has become way more fun. All of a sudden we have FINALLY decided we love books, which this momma couldn't be more overjoyed with. As in love books, I mean actually love to be around books and look at them, instead of using them as a chew toy. YAY!! I am so excited about this. Jules is also very good at turning pages. Books they love at the moment are still Baby Einstein's Mirror Me book, any of the small mini-me Dr. Seuss books. They also love Bright Baby Animals , because its small and its easy to turn the pages and its very bright and colorful. Other favorites are the Southwestern books. For those who are not aware, Southwestern is one of those companies that sends college kids door-to-door during summers to sell books. I could not imagine in my life a more miserable job. However, this young girl came by last summer and was selling these great books for a low, low price of $8Yes, Jake was not happy with me, because I apparently will buy anything and can't say no to anyone, especially poor girls that come door-to-door. But, the good news is that I LOVE these books! They are so awesome. They are bright, very colorful and really educational. And they come with pull out posters for later. And the babes love them. They literally start bouncing up and down when I get them out.

Songs are still The Itsy Bitsy Spider, with Wheels on the Bus as a close second. They have also come to love music videos, but only certain ones, which is funny. I have started turning it on music videos in the morning and when we are reading or something and I have it on in the background. We watch country music when we do, b/c mostly there are no videos on MTV, and plus I don't want there to be anything questionable. So, therefore, its country. So, their FAVORITE songs for now are Mine, by Taylor Swift, Stuck Like Glue, by Sugarland, and If I Die Young, by The Band Perry. Yes, weird, I know. However, they bounce and dance around when When I Die Young comes on. They can see the lead singer from across the room and crawl as fast as they can towards the TV. So funny.

They are still loving Their "scooter" Now I even have to hide it sometimes on they are big enough now they try to crawl up on it themselves, which has led to bumps on the head.

Favorite toys are the ever classic ring-stack, toy piano and this Mickey Mouse driving dashboard I bought on consignment. And still the Ronald toys. Crazy. We still love Baby Einstein videos, but our favorites are still the freebie video's in Comcast's On Demand section for babies called Baby Genius. They are about 8 minutes long and sing along songs.

Our new climbing gym is what is formerly known as our bumpos. What was once a nice little seat for the babes who could not sit on their own has now become quite the fun toy. They like to pull themselves up on them, and crawl around in them. They also like to sit in in every which way except the way you are supposed to, in which they sometimes they get stuck. Silly babes. (please ignore the cords, I am a good mom-promise. The bumpos are hidden in a corner where we have the laptop plugged up. Jules and Josh always still find them anyway)


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