Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We're 10 Months Old!

Yes, I realize this is late, and that they were, in fact, 10 months old on November 8th. But, cut me some slack! I need help nowadays to get this shot, as you can clearly see. And yes, it just gets harder to do these every month. Whew! I almost can't wait for them to be a year old and we'll quit taking the monthly pics. (I said "almost")

And, I not not kidding - how is it that I am mommy to the absolutely cutest babies in the entire world, and this is all they give me for these pics? Is this really the best they can do? Ummmm, yes. And you'll see why by the outtakes at the bottom. Enjoy!


  1. The out takes make me laugh...hard. I love the one of Josh with his foot in his mount and Jules tipped over showing off her diaper *lol*

    Happy 10 month b-day cuties!!!

  2. awww they are too cute! I love the outtakes... some of them when their arms are back make it look liek they are on some sort of crazy ride!

  3. Love these! Is Jules sporting baby legs?