Monday, December 20, 2010

11 Months - Update on the Babes

The walker caravan!

11 Months Old!

I have purposely put off writing this post because I refuse to believe that my babies are 11 months old. I'm sorry, I just can't accept it. And now, we are getting REALLY close to 12 months (AKA, 1 year old). With it being the Holiday Season, time is a-flying, and Mandy is a-sad face.

Feedings: What has happened to my milk supply? Seriously, does anyone know? My supply suffered DRAMATICALLY after I returned from Paris, but now its just pathetic. I think it's my body's way of telling me they need to wean. I have literally no milk, and its crazy. I went from pumping 50+ounces a day, to now maybe 18-20. Oh well, I don't have to do it much longer.

They are both doing really well with finger foods and eating. Jules will stuff anything (ANYTHING) in her mouth. She is the messiest child. (hmmm, her mother's daughter perhaps?) Josh, however, will only pick up certain things, and much prefers to be fed. He doesn't like to get his fingers really messy so he will only pick up "um-messy" foods. Nice, right? I am looking forward to their birthday cakes and see how they both do. Its going to be so funny.

Food is getting much harder to make, because I have to be more creative. It was so much easier to puree a fruit, veggie, etc. Now I have to do entire meals for them, that their little fingers can eat. We still feed them a bunch, but now its probably 60-70% finger foods. Mostly I make pastas with a veggie/meant sauce and keep it in the fridge. Its easy to make and keep, and they they'll also get fruit as well. Its a good way to give them the whole grain/veggie/meat combo, and they can pick it up with their hands. I also love to do toast with either hummus or cream cheese. and we still love avocado and yogurt! Another good thing to spread hummus or cream cheese on is a Baby MumMum wafer. Its easy for them to hold and crunchy!

I have been using alot more seasonings on their food. I have discovered Mrs. Dash and its the best thing in the world. Lots of good seasonings and no salt! I season most of their veggies with it, and add it to their pastas as well.

Waketime/Napping: Our waketime is still 2 hours, 15 minutes. We had a cold this past week, so our schedule got a bit thrown off.

Nightime: Doing great here. Going down at 7:30 and getting up at 7, sometimes even a bit later!

Our Schedule:

7:00- wake/feed 6.5oz each for Josh & Jules then cereal with pumpkin puree(wince we still have a ton) or bananas. I usually add cinnamon.
9:15 - nap (hopefully at least 1.5 hours)
11:30 - feed - 6oz each bottle, then they get a "snack" of cheerios or a MumMum with spread and some type of veggie, usually avocado and yogurt (their new favorite food, hands down). 1:00 - nap (usually wake at 2:30)
3:00 - feed 6.5oz for each + solids. This is either some of a pasta I have in the fridge, or toast with hummus and fruit. Their also might be cut up tofu, chicken, cut up veggies, beans, or rice. I try to keep some easy things in the fridge to grab.
6:30/6:45 - solids. Here I will do whatever opposite of what they have for lunch. I don't like to feed them the same exact thing for lunch and dinner. Plus, they are usually more fussy here, so if there was something that is harder for them to grab, or harder to eat, I will feed that to them at lunch instead of dinner.
7:00 - baths, then a sippy cup of milk
7:30 - story/bedtime

Outing/Events: I have already posted about our Santa Claus visits, and that was by far the most exciting event in the past month. We also attended a little girl's first birthday. The babes loved it because they got to play with all new toys. We also have been going to the gym some and they love it there as well for the same reason- new toys! Other than a couple of trips to Target, thats about it. I have discovered this time frame of them "almost-but-not-quite" walking is making it very hard to get them out. Its a hard age because now they are much heavier, the car seats are now much heavier, you have to take them out of the car seats to go anywhere, carry them, and to get one in and out while holding the other one.....well, just close your eyes and imagine.

Diet: I have missed working out so much. I got my gym membership, and am so excited! The babes love the nursery there. Although they got a cold their first time there. Oh joy.

Milestones: They are both toddling around!! Big, HUGE milestone! Jules took her first steps on Thanksgiving. She took four steps that night, and have since taken maybe 5-6 at the most at a time, lol. She is by no means a walker, but she is SO PROUD of herself when she takes steps. Josh actually, took his first steps two night ago as well. He has just started the process and is eager to go. He will turn anything into a personal walker: lego boxes, cardboard boxes, container of underwear, etc. So exciting!!! They are still talking and babbling. Josh has mastered "ByeBye", ands says Mama and Dada, but not necessarily to me or Jake. Jules also says Mam, Dada, Ga, and a couple of other nuances, but again, not necessarily to the correct things. Jules has taken up dancing and loves it. She sways back and forth to the music. She also loves to flip upside down. She is going to be a little gymnast. They have alos learned to climb the stairs, to my horror. They get into drawers, cabinets, plugs, cats, toilets, diaper genies, Christmas trees, etc-basically anything and everything they are not supposed to. But they are sweet and so dang cute. Man, I love being a mommy.


  1. They are both just too adorable! I can't believe they are almost 1!

    The idea of the baby mum mum as a cracker for hummus is one I never thought of! I usually do toast and hummus for Eirik, but i'll have to try a mum mum instead and he loves those!

  2. I just love reading about your babes! It sounds like they are doing fantastic =) Hard to believe they are almost 1, I know you must have really mixed feelings on that {{{HUGS}}}

  3. Cant believe they are almost 1! Time really does go way too fast once babies are in the pic!
    A friend of mine has twin 19 month olds and its fun to hear your stories and hers. Her fav outing when the boys were about your little one's age is target. She would drive around the parking lot by herself til she found the cart return with the 2 baby seats. Then she could load up and push the cart in. :) It made me laugh the first time I was around but it makes perfect sense. I bet Christmas is going to be so fun this year!!