Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Recap

Whew! What a fast Christmas. Can time please slow down?

Well, the babes had two of the most fabulous Christmases any 11.5 month olds could ask for. Our first Christmas was spent down in Waverly, where Jake's family lives. They got a bunch of stuff from Aunt Jen, boyfriend Scott, Grama, JV,Aunt Nancy, Aunt Bennie, and MeMaw and Granddad. Among the plethora of gifts they received a fun new kitchen, lots of clothes, shoes, cutie-pie rocking horses, oodles of toys like a farmer game and bath toys and a laptop, tradition Christmas book from Aunt Jen, ruffle butts for Jules, and new shoes for both Josh & Jules. Ummmm, yes, you read correctly - this was just for ONE Christmas. Are you feeling like you were deprived as a child? I do!!

The second of Christmases was spent at our house in Brentwood and my family came up: Mimi, Grampa, Aunt Essie, Aunt Ginny, Uncle Jason, and Leslie's boyfriend Shawn. Among the fun things they received at this Christmas include even more clothes, more shoes (including some cool Converse from Ginny), more toys (including Sing-a-ma-jigs, the only thing we bought them), and a cool Red Flyer wagon built for two!

All in all, I think you can all go ahead and say that these babies have PLENTY to play with and are well on their way to becoming quite spoiled.

Oh, and did I mention that their 1st birthday is less than 2 weeks away?? Where are we going to put all this stuff? Thank goodness Jake's Mom and Dad got us some storage ottomans for Christmas!


  1. How sweet! I love those rocking horses. We got a Rody (?) pony for them... may have to get two like Josh and Jules have, lol!

  2. aww.. sounds like a great Christmas was had by all! =) I love Jules eating her shoes. Tasty! ;) And josh is quite hansom with the christmas bow!