Monday, December 13, 2010

Heavy Heart

This is a sad post, and I'm sorry for that. My heart is heavy and I just want to reach out to my readers to please keep the McGregor family in your heart, thoughts and prayers. They lost their precious boy Thomas on Friday. He was just a few months old. He has a twin brother, named James. Although born prematurely, and in the NICU for a while, they were both home and happy for an entire month before Thomas started breathing a little funny. Then their lives were turned upside down. There was a month of heart surgeries, eventually even getting sweet Thomas an artificial heart. Sadly, it all just wasn't enough.

I cannot explain to you how sad I am for this poor family. I cannot imagine going through such a loss and to have him happy and at home thinking life was beyond blessed, then lightening crashing down on you.

I am so lucky and so grateful to have two happy healthy children. Although I never have, and never will take them for granted, I know I get frustrated in day-to-day things that come with having twins, and children in general. I hope that when those frustrations come up, I will take a small moment and think about Janna McGregor, and all those other moms who have lost a child, and say a small prayer of thanks.


  1. I'll be keeping them in my thoughts. So so sad... makes me go home and hug Eirik a little bit tighter tonight.

  2. This gives me goose bumps =( The family is in my thoughts as they go through this terribly difficult time...

  3. What an amazing family they are! I, like you, have been thinking about them non-stop. I think baby Thomas has taught me several lessons I will never forget.