Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our Favorite Things - 10 Months

Here is our update on our favorite things at 10 months old!

Books! We are still loving books. Jules loves them more than Josh, but more so because every time Josh tries to come around and read books too, Jules starts whining because she wants all the book attention... *sigh* poor Josh. So, he usually finds something else to do. I have also learned in this parenting thing what a huge difference there is between books with paper pages versus books with thick cardboard plastic-y pages. HUGE difference! Why? Well, you put a book with paper pages in the hands of a 10 month old and see what happens. So, now that this little tidbit has been discovered, there is only so many books they are allowed to play with at the moment. (I have now taken away the really cool books that I talked about last month, b/c they have already torn one up - and they were expensive!) Their favorite now is "Where's My Nose"? They LOVE IT. So much so that I now have most of it memorized, and will just start to say some of the book to them (without the book), and they are confused and start looking for the book :)

Another little thing I would like to bring up is how cool our fabu state of Tennessee is. In fact, Where's My Nose was given to us free through Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. It is a program she set up that gives each child (birth through age 5) a new, free book each month. It's shipped to us each and every month. All for free! It's really a wonderful program. Where's My Nose is one of those books. The only problem with this program, is that it send us two of the same book each month. I wish they would send us different ones, but oh well.

Songs! Our favorite songs are still Itsy Biotsy Spider, and Wheels on the Bus. They also like BINGO and Where is Thumpkin? They are still loving Taylor Swift and The Band Perry, even though those songs don't come on as much. I am also trying to play more Christmas music now that we're "in the season". We have decorated the house now, so I'm in the mood! Funny (although not really) story: last weekend we drove over to Knoxville for a UT football game, and there was a wreck on the interstate. NOT good with 10-month old twins. What is usually a 2.5-3 hour drive turned into a 5.5 hour drive. AWFUL is not even beginning to describe it. It's one thing to be moving in the car, but to just be sitting on the interstate strapped into a carseat...not good. So, anyway, I had to pull up the youtube video of The Band Perry's song and letting it play over, and over, and over, and over again. So, yes, I don't really want to hear that song anymore.

Toys! They are still loving Their "scooter" They now can walk behind it so well. Just loves it and will walk behind it for days. He just doesn't know how to turn with it yet, so he fusses when he gets stuck.

Other favorite toys for the moment are the classic wooden blocks. I'll stack them up high, and they both get a kick out of knocking them over. Also, the stuffed Baby Einstein blocks have made a comeback too, for this same reason. I also got them those oversize leggos and they like those too, even though they just eat them now. They also love the Leap Frog Learn and Groove Station. I bought this at a consignment sale not too long ago, and I love it too. Its really good at teaching numbers, letters and colors. They can flip the book page in the center to make it be a "teaching" station, or a "musical" station. It's awesome!

More favorite toys are mixing spoons. They now will come in the kitchen if they know I am in there and they love playing with the spoons. Another exciting toy for them is the refrigerator. They go NUTS when I open the door. And both take off for it and will play with everything on the bottom shelf, and take things out. Yesterday the mustard and ranch dressing bottles kept them very entertained. Good for energy conservation???...nope, but what can you do? They love it!


  1. LOL at the books. We're strictly on board books now, too. Well, we do have one book with "toddler-friendly" pages that we play with.

    I've got to get mine playing on the kitchen floor like yours. Linus turned over the dog's water dish once, so I guess I need to remember to put it up on the counter.

  2. I love your favorite things list! I always mark them on my "wish list" on Amazon and then when family or friends ask what Kylie needs I have something to point them at =)

  3. Oh, don't get me wrong. Jules has eaten cat food already, so that's fun. But they do love kitchen time :)

    Caryn, I love them too! Plus, its so funny to me how much they are literally changing from month to month and how they are liking different things each month. I wish I had started doing it sooner.